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    Naviance is a college and career readiness program that provides students with college planning and career interest tools. Students will use Naviance for various reasons throughout their time in high school.

    Underclassmen will use Naviance to explore careers, develop SMART goals, create a resume, and learn about their personal strengths and characteristics.

    Upperclassmen will use Naviance to explore colleges and scholarships, update their resume, and request documents for college applications.


    This page is designed as a resource for parents and students. If you have a specific question about Naviance please see your assigned counselor.



    Naviance is NOT a college application site. You will still apply to colleges through Common App, SENDedu, Coalition, or the college's website. You will use Naviance to request documents you need to provide to colleges (transcript, recommendation letter). You must maintain an accurate list in Naviance of the colleges you're applying to so that your counselor knows where to send documents. 


    To create your college list:

    1. From the homepage, click "Colleges", then click "Colleges I'm Applying To"



    2. Click the plus sign in the top right corner



    3. When you are entering your colleges make sure you indicate how you are applying. The options are via Common App, Direct to the Institution, or I don't know. You must choose either via Common App or Direct to the Institution. A list that has been completed correctly will look like this:



    4. If you indicated "I Don't Know" on the submission type your school will appear with a question mark next to it. Documents will not be sent to schools that have question marks next to them. You can edit your college list anytime by clicking the edit button next to each school. 




    Students using Common App MUST waive their FERPA and match their account in Naviance. Please review this video on how to match your Common App account.

    If you have waived your FERPA and matched your Common App account correctly you will see a green bar at the top of your "Colleges I'm Applying To" list




    Transcripts will automatically be sent to schools that are in your "Colleges I'm Applying To" list. You will not need to make a transcript request in Naviance. Counselors will send your initial and mid-year transcript through Naviance. Your final transcript will be in your graduation packet and it is the student's reponsibility to mail their final transcript to the school they're attending.


    To request a Letter of Recommendation: 

    **Students MUST have had an in-person conversation with any teacher they are requesting a letter of recommendation from**


    1. From the Naviance Homepage click "Colleges Home"



    2. Click "Letters of Recommendation"



    3. Click "Add Request"



    4. From a dropdown menu you can select which teacher(s) to send a request to. It will then ask if you want that teacher to write a letter for all of your schools or just ones you select. We encourage you to only allow teachers to send letters to schools that you requested. Some schools have a maximum number of letters they will accept and by selecting which schools your teachers send to, you won't run the risk of going over your maximum.