403(b) & 457(b) Plan Information for Employees & Advisors - Union County BOE


    • Plan Administrator/Third-Party Administrator - TSA Consulting Group, Inc. (TSACG) www.tsacg.com.

      Current/former employees should forward their request (paperwork) for Distributions, Exchanges, Transfers, Loans, Hardship Withdrawals, and Rollovers directly to TSACG.

      Please see the attached letter for more information: Employee Information TSACGTransaction Form

      Please contact Brenda Dixon at (704) 296-5315 / IEP #4076 / brenda.dixon@ucps.k12.nc.us if you have any questions.

      Thank you.

       Salary Reduction Agreement Forms (Payroll Deduction):  403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement / 457(b) Salary Reduction Agreement

      Prudential NC403(b) Plan information is as follows:

      You may contact our local representative, Ms. Jodie Musselwhite, Sr. Retirement Mgr., at (704) 219-9432 or jodie.musselwhite@prudential.com.  Ms. Musselwhite will be happy to assist you with enrollment, changes or to review your investment portfolio, etc.


      403b Plan Highlights

      NC403(b) Enrollment Form 06.14.18

      NC403(b) Change Form 06.14.18


      NOTE: The maximum deferral amount in 2019 to a 403b plan is $19,000.  In addition, the age-based additional amount limit for employees who are 50 or older by December 31, 2019, is $6,000 for a yearly total of $25,000.00.

      If an employee is participating in both a 401K and a 403b plan, the contribution limits must be coordinated so that the maximum deferral between the two plans does not exceed $19,000 (or $25,000).

      Rollovers from a previous employer retirement plan do not impact the maximum amount an employee can contribute to this plan.

      UCPS does not offer an employee match for this plan.