College Transfer Pathway (CTP)

  • The two primary pathways under CTP are listed below. While each pathway has similar core courses, certain sections do differ. Please click on each link to see the course options under each pathway. 

    1. Associate in Arts
    2. Associate in Science


    To be eligible for enrollment in the College Transfer Pathway, a high school student must meet the following initial criteria:

    1. Be a high school junior or senior
    2. Have an unweighted GPA of 2.8 on high school courses; or
    3. Demonstrate college readiness on an approved assessment or placement test

    To be eligible for enrollment in the College Transfer Pathway as a freshman or sophomore, a student must meet the following criteria:

    1. Have a recommendation letter from high school principal
    2. Be listed as Academically Gifted (AIG)
    3. Have passing scores from approved CCP Assessments
    4. Participate in advising conversation that explains the requirements of the CCP program
    5. Complete paperwork, which includes specific signatures from student, parent, UCPS and SPCC stakeholders

    To maintain eligibility for continued enrollment, a student must complete the following things:

    1. Provide a current transcript each enrolling semester
    2. Continue to make progress toward high school graduation
    3. Maintain a 2.0 GPA in college coursework after completing two courses.
      • A student who falls below a 2.0 GPA after completing two college courses will be subject to the college’s policy for satisfactory academic progress.