Career Technical Education Pathway (CTE)

  • The CTE Pathway consists of six different areas. Within these areas, students have the ability to obtain certifications and college transferable courses. The areas are listed below along with a brief description. Reach out to your school guidance counselor and Career Coach about specifics (courses and certificates).

    Agricultural Education

    This program is designed to help students develop technical, leadership, and management skills for occupations and higher education in agriculturally related fields, which encompasses food, fiber and natural resource systems. 

    Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education

    This program is designed to prepare students to be competitors in the business and information technology world on a national and global scape. It focuses on business principles and concepts economics and computer skills.

    Family and Consumer Sciences Education

    This program is designed to guide students through preparation to work with individuals and families, which includes but is not limited to Interior and Design, Parenting and Early Childhood Education, Nutrition, Housing, and Fashion.

    Health Science

    This program is designed to challenge students to evaluate current and predict future medical needs to become viable competitors in the healthcare field.

    Marketing and Entrepreneurship

    This program is designed to explore the world of marketing and entrepreneurship. Students are encouraged to research and create tools to aid in noting marketing trends and consumer products.

    Technology Engineering and Design

    This program is designed to guide students interested in pursuing careers in engineering, engineering technology, and other science-based fields.

    Trade and Industrial

    This program is designed to provide students with the ability to obtain hands-on experience and certification in several business and industry fields.


    To be eligible for enrollment in the Career and Technical Education Pathway (CTE), a high school student must meet the initial criteria:

    1. Be a high school junior or senior
    2. Have an unweighted GPA of 2.8 on high school courses; or
    3. Demonstrate college readiness in English, reading and mathematics on an assessment; or
      • Have the recommendation of the high school principal or his/her designee and his/her rationale for recommendation in place of GPA requirement (assessment scores should be considered) and have the recommendation of the college’s Chief Academic Officer or Chief Student Development Administrator

    To be eligible for enrollment in the Career and Technical Education Pathway as a freshman or sophomore, a student must meet the following criteria:

    1. Have a recommendation letter from high school principal
    2. Choose an approved pathway (cannot include Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC) courses)
    3. Have passed Math I with a grade of C or better
    4. Have scored a level 3, 4, or 5 on the Math I End of Course assessment and on the 8th grade English Language Arts End of Grade assessment
    5. Have a high school unweighted GPA of 2.8 or demonstrate college readiness on approved assessments in English, reading, and mathematics (Sophomore requirement ONLY)
    6. Participate in advising conversation that explains the requirements of the CCP program

    To maintain eligibility for continued enrollment, a student must complete the following things:

    1. Provide a current transcript each enrolling semester
    2. Continue to make progress toward high school graduation 
    3. Maintain a 2.0 in college coursework after completing two courses.
      • A student who falls below a 2.0 GPA after completing two college courses will be subject to the college’s policy for satisfactory academic progress. 

    CTE Programs by High School