School Nurse of the Year

  • Ilene Jackowitz Is UCPS 2019-2020 School Nurse of the Year 

    Ilene Jackowitz

    Congratulations to Walter Bickett Elementary school nurse Ilene Jackowitz, who was named the 2020 UCPS School Nurse of the Year!

    In celebration of their essential role in the school system, UCPS hosted a virtual School Nurse of the Year celebration via Zoom.  llene is a dedicated school nurse who likes to call her student's her Bickett Babies. She cares for there healthcare needs, as well as there social emotional health.  She was awarded the Princiapl Award for hosting a career day at Walter Bickett, feeling that the children wont' strive for a future, unless they are shown what is possible.  


    Nominations closed for the 2019-2020 School Year. 

    Guidelines and Criteria



    The purpose of the award is to honor the contributions of one UCPS school nurse who has demonstrated excellence in her/his school nursing practice.



    • The nominee must be a Registered Nurse.
    • The nominee must be currently practicing full time as a school nurse for Union County Public Schools.
    • Evidence of excellence in school nursing practice must be presented.
    • A school nurse may be nominated by a school nurse colleague, administrator, supervisor, teacher, parent, student, or other person affected by school nursing practice.
    • The nomination materials must be received on or before the specified date indicated on the nomination form.



    • Nomination form may be found on the UCPS website.
    • Submit a completed nomination form by November 1st.
    • The nominee must accept the nomination in writing.
    • A Portfolio Packet must be completed by the Nominee after they are nominated.
    • A committee will select the top three (3) nominees.
    • The same committee will conduct an interview with each nominee.



    • The School Nurse of the Year Award Nomination Form including a brief narrative by the nominator summarizing the nominee’s accomplishments. Examples may include: 
    1. Creative school program/ideas
    2. Professional involvement/professional development
    3. Political/legislative contributions
    4. Community involvement
    • Optional: Supporting letter(s) of recommendation


    The School Nurse Supervisor shall convene the School Nurse of the Year Selection Committee to review the nomination materials and select the recipient using the above selection criteria.

    The School Nurse of the Year Selection Committee will notify the School Nurse Supervisor of the School Nurse of the Year selection.

    The School Nurse Supervisor shall contact the selected person and send a follow-up email of confirmation. The person who nominated the selected person shall be notified by email of the nominee selected and invited to attend the award service. The nominator will be asked to introduce the award winner.

    The School Nurse Supervisor will notify the other nominees by email and thank them for their participation.

    Presentation of the award shall be made at a Spring School Nurse Meeting.