• Dear Parents:

    One of our district’s approved partners, Innovations for Learning, Inc., is making 2 different and important resources available to your children while they are at home.  The first program is targeted at helping students practice and develop their reading skills. 

    1. TeacherMate GO is a great way for young readers to continue to grow and develop their reading skills while at home. The program offers up to 13 different learning activities for children to practice phonics and word attack skills.  It also offers a library of stories that children may access, listen to, and read anywhere on the “Go” from a computer or tablet device. It is available to all students, but content is geared to emerging readers K-2.  To access the program, simply click on the link provided here:HERE

    Some details:

    1. No login required.
    2. Students simply click on a level to enter the games menu. Levels may be changed at any time so if a student needs to level up or down, they may do so from the home screen.
    3. Story Time is where children may select books at the level in which they are logged into the program. Again, they can level up or down at any time.


    1. Tutor Story Time (TST) is a way for your child to stay connected to a caring adult who will record personalized messages and stories for your child to listen to while at home. It’s a great way for your student to stay connected to their TutorMate tutor or, if you sign them up now, they can build a meaningful relationship with someone who will be recording personalized stories just for them. It is available to all students whose parent opts-in by providing us with some basic information. There are two ways TST will be available. 
      1. If your child was already participating in the TutorMate program at school, we will be asking your child’s tutor to record stories for your child to listen to at home.
      2. If your child is not currently in the TutorMate program, IFL will actively seek out tutors willing to support additional students.

    Please know that all tutors have been background checked and approved to participate in the program.  In addition, all recordings will be first reviewed by an IFL staff member for both quality and content.

    To sign your child up for this support, please click on the link provided below and answer 5 simple questions that allow us to get the recordings to you, for your child, using your smartphone. 

    To sign up, click here:HERE


    If you have any questions or need help, please contact us at help@tutormate.org