• School may be out at UCPS; however, our custodians have been working hard cleaning and disinfecting classrooms, cafeterias, hallways, buses, and other “touch point” areas.  We want to make everyone feel comfortable that once our students and staff return, the learning environment is safe for them. 

    Our custodial staff are continuing to use our standard industrial strength disinfectant that was one of the first on the EPA list of approved products

    The CDC recommends both cleaning and disinfecting to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  Touch point areas like student desks, tables, door knobs, light switches, handrails, and even walls are being targeted.  Our custodial staff are also vacuuming, cleaning and disinfecting carpets. 

    Prior to COVID-19, UCPS purchased 3 electrostatic spray guns to use for deep cleaning and disinfection.  We have utilized them on all of our buses and will continue to use appropriately moving forward.  Our custodians have utilized two different disinfectants for several years and, as previously noted, was listed on the original EPA list of approved products to kill the coronavirus. QT Plus and QT 3 are made by Hillyard Industries, Inc.  Please see the below timeline. 

    ·      March 16-31 – Deep cleaning and disinfection of all sites and buses.

    ·      April 1-24 – Moved into limited summer cleaning practices.

    ·      April 24-August – Continue in depth and complete summer cleaning.  Relocating all furniture and equipment to classroom areas revisiting all those “touch point” areas prior to students and staff returning.