Instructional Model - Plan B

  • Q: What is Plan B?

    A: Plan B is a hybrid instructional model that offers face-to-face instruction combined with remote learning. Students will attend school one day per week, Monday through Thursday, on a four-day rotation. On Fridays, all students will be in a remote
    learning environment.

    Q: Will students with an IEP, 504, EL Plan be served under Plan B?

    A: Yes. Students who have services outlined on their IEP, 504, or EL Plan will be served under Plan B by qualified service providers. Specially designed instruction will be delivered in accordance with the student’s plan. If there is an adjustment in
    instructional time offered each week under remote learning, then services will be adjusted accordingly. Please contact your school with any questions on what to expect for your student during periods of remote learning.

    Q: Will AIG students be served under Plan B?

    A: Under Plan B students who are eligible will continue to receive AIG support. Please contact your school with any questions on what to expect for your student during periods of remote learning.

    Q: How will students know which day to attend school in person?

    A: Students will be assigned to an attendance day based on their last names (exceptions will be made for siblings and members of the same household). Students with last names A-D will attend school on Mondays, students with last names E-K will attend
    on Tuesdays, students with last names L-Q will attend on Wednesdays, students with last names R-Z will attend on Thursdays, and ALL students will participate in remote learning on Fridays.

    Q: What about students in special populations? Will they be able to attend school more than one day per week?

    A: Beginning August 17, students who are in a specialized or separate setting EC classes, alternative school, and seniors with graduation requirements for attendance in face-to-face instruction for clinical experiences required for credentialing will have
    the option to attend school four days per week, Monday through Thursday. After the first two weeks of school, attempts to increase the attendance of students in special populations will be made as long as health, safety, and capacity limitations can
    be maintained at all schools. The principal will reserve the right to alter a student’s attendance day while still allowing for social distancing and meeting health and safety protocols. The Board is reserving the right to increase the attendance of students where health and safety, including reduced capacity and appropriate social distancing, can be maintained.

    Q: What will instruction during remote learning look like for students who are not in attendance?

    A: Students will have access to online instruction from their teacher(s) that may be both live and pre-recorded. Some aspects ofthe remote instructional day may be flexible while others may be structured such that students need to be online at a specific
    time. Students will complete assignments/activities that are aligned to subject/course standards. There will be opportunities to learn individually, in small groups, and large groups via teleconferencing. The intent of remote learning is to have students
    follow the same pacing as the rest of the peers in their class. Please contact your student’s school for the specific schedule that will be followed and the format of each subject/course.

    Q: What subjects/courses will be offered under Plan B?

    A: All subjects/courses in which your student is enrolled will be supported under Plan B.

    Q: What grade levels will receive Chromebooks to support remote learning?

    A: Grade 6-11 students kept their Chromebooks over the summer and should bring these back on the first day of attendance. Grades 2-5 will be assigned Chromebooks to use at home and in the classroom.

    Q: What if I do not have access to technology on remote learning days?

    A: If your family has concerns with internet access, contact your school for assistance. Parents and students may request print materials from their teacher(s) to complete during remote learning days.

    Q: Will I have the same teacher for face-to-face and remote learning for my student?

    A: This will depend on the grade, subject and each school’s staffing. Teams of teachers may work together collaboratively to ensure that subjects are covered both in the classroom and remotely. Please contact your student’s school for your student’s
    specific teacher assignment and the format of each subject/course.