• Getting Started with






    (pronounced "score") 


    Here are a few steps to get you started with Scoir!

    1. Visit the UCPS student startup page at https://bit.ly/HSstartup
    2. Click on the Scoir icon and login using Google. Be sure you use your UCPS Google account! 
    3. Download the Scoir Student mobile app.
    4. Watch the Scoir Student Experience video to learn more about all of the features in Scoir.

    Complete any of the following activities to get familiar with Scoir and start using all of its functionality.

    • Build your profile. Toggle to "My Profile" and make sure your personal details and academic overview are accurate (data from the academic overview automatically syncs from PowerSchool). Add your activities, achievements, and a personal bio. 
    • Use the Scoir resume template to share information with those who need it.
    • Explore, follow, and compare colleges. Go to the "College Search" tab and complete a Preference and Advanced Search. After you complete a search, explore colleges of interest and take advantage of the virtual tours, college wall, and college details to gain insight into each campus. Don't forget to use Scoir's College Compare tool to compare up to 4 colleges side-by-side.
    • Add colleges to your My Colleges list. To keep track of colleges that interest you, make sure to follow them and add them to your "My Colleges" list. You can access this list at any time and also keep track of and review Counselor and Parent colleges suggestions.
    • Seniors - review this video that shows how to request teacher recommendations and how to notify your counselors to send required application documents such as your transcripts to the colleges you are applying to.

     Seniors - keep in mind that while you can apply to colleges at any time, counselors won't send transcripts until they are finalized 10 days after the start of the fall semester. 


    View this video to learn about the Scoir parent experience.

    Here are a few steps for you to get started supporting your students through their college journey!

    1. Ask your student to invite you to join Scoir. If you have more than one student in a UCPS high school, you can connect your account to all of them!
    2. Check out your student's profile, college list, and any documents they have stored in Scoir.
    3. You can search for colleges that you think your child may like, view details about those colleges, and even suggest colleges for your student!
    4. Enter a few details about your finances (don't worry - no one sees this information except for you) and get a custom price estimate for colleges that you view.

    Don't forget to download the Scoir Parent app! Here are some help documents to learn how to navigate the app.

     View the September 1, 2020 webinar, Scoir for Senior Parents, below.