• Students can arrive for drop off to campus via the main entrance only no earlier than 7:30am. Please follow the traffic flow pattern around the staff parking lot to the front entrance. Please help us to keep car traffic flowing efficiently by facilitating the quick but safe exit of your child from your car and by pulling your car up as far as possible in the line. Staff will greet students at their vehicle. Students should not exit their vehicle until a staff member arrives at their vehicle. Once screened, the student will enter the building via the front doors and head to their first block class. 

    At dismissal time, students will exit the building from the main entrance. School personnel will be supervising the process, but as is the case with arrival, we encourage you to stress with your child/children the importance of safe habits. Please take note that parent parking and student drop off/pick-up are not permitted in the student parking lot, staff lot, or the church across the street during arrival and dismissal times.