Computer Science Club

  • Porter Ridge’s Computer Science Club is a club that exposes and enlightens students who have an interest in Computer Science. The club helps members learn how to build portfolios which are very important when applying for jobs in any computer-related field because they show the achievements of the student and previous projects like past coding projects and additional experience in the field. The club also helps develop team skills by working in groups and developing know-how to help other members that may not be as experienced or familiar with coding because much of modern computing is done by different groups that create an outline then combine the mini-project into a final complete project like an app, a website, or a server. A good example would be Instagram where multiple groups like data scientists, software developers, computer hardware engineers, information security analysts, and others work together to allow the app to work seamlessly on many platforms and operating systems while keeping it secure and efficient. Studies about job applicants suggest that some of the biggest factors in hiring a person are experience and the ability to work in groups. As a club and a group of passionate people, we would like to expose everyone to these skills because even if students do not pursue a job in Computer Science, these skills are transferable to many other fields like medicine, engineering, and business management. 

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