Secondary Education Overview

  • Union County Public Schools’ department of Secondary Education is committed to ensuring that all students are provided with quality instruction across all content areas. Though rigorous academic instruction in the classroom is the foundation for students’ success in high school, attention to the individual needs of the students and expanding the non-traditional opportunities available to each student must also be high priorities within our schools.

    We believe that all high school students should be challenged to achieve to the best of their ability, yet encouraged and supported to meet the goals each student has set for himself/herself. Evaluating students’ individual needs for success allows for an environment, which fosters a collaborative approach to student scheduling and performance.

    The department of Secondary Education is also fully committed to utilizing the advances in technology to further enhance and expand the educational opportunities available to our high school students. The daily use of technological advances such as smart boards and Classrooms of Tomorrow have transformed the traditional classroom and provided teachers with additional options to continue to tailor instruction to the needs of their students.

    In addition, many online classes are available for students. Online classes provide students with the opportunity to pursue classes that may not be offered within a face-to-face classroom at their school, as well as providing students with remedial instruction when needed.

    Preparing students for success after high school must also be showcased as an underlying goal of Secondary Education. Our responsibility to our students, their families, and our communities is to prepare young people to become responsible citizens who can contribute to our society.

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