SBMT Members & Meeting Minutes

  • Anyone who has a school concern and desires the team to discuss it is free to submit your concern to a member. If you desire to contact a parent representative, call the school office at that point, the office staff will relay your request to the parent. The parent member will then call you back.


  • Principal

    Mr. Murray

    Assistant Principal Mrs. Goode
    6th-grade teacher Mrs. Biggerstaff
    7th-grade teacher Mr. Bready

    8th-grade teacher

    Mrs. Lonon
    Related Arts   Mrs. Perreau
    Exceptional Children        Mr. Patterson
    Media Coordinator Mrs. Karpinski
    School Counselor Mrs. Smith
    Parent Representative    Kim Eaton
    Parent Representative
    Brenda McMillon
    Parent RepresentativeJennifer Stephenson
    Parent Representative Kerri Mickelson
    Parent Representative Kelly Sanfilippo
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