Site-based Management Team

Marvin Elementary School Improvement Team

  • Site Based Management Team Members:

    Jared Worthington, Principal

    Lori Fodness, AIG

    Amanda Jones, ELA for the Mandarin students

    Tammy Hafener, Parent, PTO President(AIG and EC parent)

    Richard Belcourt, 5th grade

    Gail Hullett, 1st grade

    Marci Gerrish, Media/District Technology rep

    Mary Rouse, 4th grade

    Jaine Wood, 3rd grade

    Lisa Andrews, Special Area teachers

    Judy Freger, EC

    Lori Sanders, 2nd grade

    Tracey Burgess, Kindergarten

    Nancy Grover, Instructional Assistants

    Moira Hancock, School Counselor (as needed)

    Charlene Gandhi, Parent

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