• Mission and Purpose

    The Marvin Ridge High School Site Based Committee is comprised of elected representatives that include staff, administration and parents. Site Base Committee meets once a month to discuss issues that affect overall school improvement and student achievement at Marvin Ridge High School. Site Based meetings are open to all staff members and parents of our Marvin Ridge High School Community. Making Marvin Ridge High School the best it can be is our constant goal.

    Anyone may submit topics for discussion to Principal Matt Lasher


    • Principal:  Matt Lasher
    • Assistant Principal:  Nancy Claudio
    • Assistant Principal:  Jamal McGee
    • Assistant Principal:  David Thomson
    • Taylor Hartley
    • Carol Giocondi
    • Matthew Gain
    • Justin Jones
    • Dawn Jones
    • Lisa Hall
    • Carren Heartley
    • Christine Brent
    • Maggie Trunk
    • Kevin Mack
    • Winston Sims