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  • Site Base Agenda 12/6/17


    SITE BASE AGENDA 12/06/17

    Site Base Team

    Mrs. Richardson, Principal

    Mrs. Haney, Asst. Principal

    Mrs. Giers, Admin

    Mrs. Zummo, Curriculum

    Mrs. Todd - Specials

    Mrs. Beane – Kindergarten

    Ms. McClure – 1st Grade

    Mrs. Carter – 2nd Grade

    Mrs. Vestuti – 3rd Grade

    Mrs. Montalvo – 4th Grade Harlow represented 4th

    Mrs. Konopka – 5th Grade no rep

    Mrs. Burris – TA Rep

    Mrs. Linda Mulvihill - EC

    Mr. Rogers – Parent Rep




    Gary Sides – School Board Representative

    Did not attend due to issues with the school board, Sherry shared details on this.


    1.Wednesday Folders

    Important info needs to be in boxes on Tuesday or brought down to classrooms – especially for those grade levels with early specials times

    Will continue to work on getting important information in the mailboxes by Tuesday, if information does not get placed in mailbox by Tuesday, send home important information on a different day.


    2. Pebble Go

    - Decision on purchase (Grimaud)

    Decision was no on pebble-go, team felt having lexia and my-on was enough at this time.

    3. Lunch Noise

    - How are cups working? Do you notice a difference?

    Cups seem to be working well and all have noticed a difference with the noise in the cafeteria.

    Sherry and Cathy asked some 4th grade students to elaborate on the results of the survey and why they did not find the cups effective. Students said they would fight over the cups because they wanted to be the ones to flip the cup. To resolve this issue teachers can have the cup flipper as a classroom job. Or they would get frustrated when they would see other people talking while the red cup was turned. This can be avoided by making sure all teachers adhere to the cup flipping. Overall the cup flipping is working great!


    4. Field Days

    -Possibility of 4-5 grade students helping out on K-2 field day to show leadership

    Sherry will talk to 4th, 5th and Mr.Jacobus about the date of field-day for K-2, the date will determine if 4th and 5th can participate in this. 4th and 5th grade reps will discuss with their teams about this as well. Who will participate?

    5. Advance Ed

    -Cathy Haney

    Cathy shared what is needed for the accreditation. There is a survey which needs to be completed. Site based team has been partnered with a person from another grade level or content. First you complete the survey with your own team, then discuss with your assigned partner to come up with a final list. That list will be brought to the January meeting for discussion. 

    The Advance Ed team will be at Rocky River on April 17th.



    Variation in Broadcast? It seems to be the same students all the time. Since it those students are in the Broadcasting club.


    Don’t forget to get coverage for the EPIC grant on 12/12



    January 10th 2018

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  • September 4, 2017 Minutes

    Site Base Meeting Minutes – 10/4/17


    1. Cafeteria - starting Tuesday there will be no more music. There will be red/green (or similar colors) cups on each table. Red cups up start your lunch for 10 minutes with no talking, followed by green cups up for 10 minutes of talking and so on. Create a job for a class leader to monitor times and change the cups. Hopefully this will alleviate the noise levels and the music confusion. Also, please remind students to be careful when throwing food away in the trash cans. I guess there has been a lot of messes near the trash cans lately.  A suggestion was made for there to be a class leader at the trash cans monitoring this. 


    2. Media - homeroom teachers need to work with whatever is their second special of the week (example art 2 or PE 2) to come up with a schedule to go to Media every other week for either the first or last 15 minutes of their specials time for book check-out.


    3. Duty Free Lunch - Duty free lunch is slated to start on Tuesday and will run similar to last year. You will be assigned a certain specials teacher to cover your classroom once a week. You can discuss with that person the best day for both of you. Sherry will mail out more information when she completes the plan.


    4. PTA Events - There was some talk of moving PTA events to Thursday evenings. It was decided that this would be a case by case basis. Music performances have already been scheduled so this may need to be postponed until next year.


    5. Wednesday folders/paperwork - If there is anything of importance that needs to be put in Wednesday folders, they will be in boxes on Tuesday or someone will bring that down to classrooms for grade levels that have early specials. 


    6. Secretary – Amber Zummo will assume the role for the 2017-2018 school year.

    7.  I-Pad Carts: Carts with i-pads. 29 on a cart to check out. House in computer lab with key. Computer lab will remain unlocked. Have classes come to computer lab to use. (See email from Grimaud on (10/09/17).


    8. Parent Engagement - Brenda – approved engagement and compact in the spring. Forms signed/sent home/scanned in.


    9. Special breakfasts/lunches are for staff only. Only a certain amount of food is brought in to accommodate staff.


    10. Next Meeting – 12/06/17


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  • September 2016 Minutes

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