Sandy Ridge School Improvement Team

  • The North Carolina State Board of Education requires each public school to create and implement a “School Improvement Plan” as part of a state-wide accountability model. This plan holds schools accountable for educational growth of students and focuses on improving student performance in the areas of reading, math, and communication skills. Specifically, it outlines our priority goals along with supporting strategies and action steps to achieve these goals. The School Improvement Plan is annually updated and submitted for approval by the Union County Board of Education.

    The School Improvement Team at Sandy Ridge Elementary is responsible for the development of the School Improvement Plan. This team is comprised of staff representatives from each grade level and department, parent representatives elected by parents through the PTA, and administration. The members of the School Improvement Team meet monthly to discuss and implement plans and processes that align with the goals outlined in the School Improvement Plan.

    School Improvement Team meeting minutes are posted to the Sandy Ridge website on the days following the meeting. All stakeholders have access to this information and are able to share feedback with School Improvement Team representatives or administration anytime via links on the Sandy Ridge website. Topics are added to the agenda if they relate to the goals outlined in the School Improvement Plan.

    The Sandy Ridge School Improvement Team also strives to make decisions that align with our Leader in Me school-wide transformation model as well as our Sandy Ridge vision and mission.

    SRES Vision and Mission: 

    Leading our community

    Encouraging our partnerships

    Achieving our goals

    Discovering our voice


    School Improvement Team Members   2017-18                              

    • Emily Kraftson- Principal
    • Tricia Yetter - Assistant Principal
    • Amy Smith- Teacher Representative, EC
    • Michelle Plaien - Kindergarten
    • Laura DeBarr - 1st grade
    • Lauren Caddell- 2nd grade
    • Nancy Chorney - 3rd grade
    • Kelly Nicoletti - 4th grade
    • Karie Stablein - 5th grade
    • Lori Gowdy - AIG
    • Denise Kisko - Assistants
    • Donna Ko - Special Area
    • Kindergarten: Micha Simmons
    •  1st Grade: Sarah Hinton
    •  2nd Grade: Erin Gorrie
    •  3rd Grade: Arthi Naidu
    •  4th Grade: Lisa Rankin
    •  5th Grade: Lori Anne Puri




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