• Meeting Times:
    The Site-based Leadership Team typically meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 3:15 p.m.




  • Dr. Michael Harvey Principal
    Debbie Mayer Assistant Principal
    Marianne Dirupo Teacher Representative
    Caitlin Flannery Teacher Representative
    Lisa Gooden Teacher Representative
    Jennifer Goodson Teacher Representative
    Michele Monro Teacher Representative
    Angela Parker Teacher Representative
    Kelly Pipkins Teacher Representative
    Jeff Reynolds Teacher Representative
    Amelia Stine Teacher Representative
    Johnney Terrell Teacher Representative
    Michelle VanGaasbeck    Teacher Representative
    Hillary Hawkins School Counselor
    Carrie Mabry Media Coordinator
    Jess Dougherty Parent Representative   
    Susan Shure Parent Representative   
    James Merritt Student Representative
    Melanie Goodson Student Representative

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