SBMT Members & Meeting Minutes

  • The SVM School Improvement Team helps to create the conditions that overcome alienation and disconnection within the total school program. The group strives to promote a positive environment and climate that enables parents and staff to work together in supporting the development of children in school and sharing their wisdom to plan the academic, social, and staff development programs aimed for improving teaching and learning.

    The team is comprised of representatives of each of the following groups: parents, teachers, classifed employees, and administrators.

    Sun Valley Middle School’s Mission:

    • To provide a quality education, develop citizenship, and challenge students according to their needs, interests, and abilities within a safe and orderly environment. 21st Century SPARTAN Leaders are: Self-directed, Prepared, Accomplished, Responsible, Tech-Savvy, and Adaptable students who Never quit!

    SVMS's School Improvement Plan


  • 2018-2019 SIT Members

    • Jenny Kanagy - Chair and 8th Grade Representative
    • Ashley A. Smith - Principal
    • Jamee Giers - 6th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • Ryan Williams- 7th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • Marshall Gore - 8th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • Sumer Edwards - 6th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Jody Legare - 7th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Jenny Kanagy - 8th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Michelle Belk - Teacher-at-Large Representative
    • Diana Ollis - Encore Teacher Representative
    • Maureen Donohue - At-large Teacher Representative
    • Jessica Schleicher - 6th Grade Parent Representative
    • Jennifer Keller - 7th Grade Parent Representative
    • Karen Ruff - 8th Grade Parent Representative


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  • January 16th

    January 16, 2019

    • Attendance - Ashley Smith, Ryan Williams, Jamee Giers, Jenny Kanagy, Michelle Belk, Sumer Edwards, Jennifer Keller, Jessica Schleicher, Maureen Donohue, Todd Duval
    • New Business: Leader in Me Video Conference - Introductions, Slide presentation, Overview - middle school implementation - 7 habits foundation @ elementary level (be responsible, focus on what you can control, execute on important priorities, work well with others, listen and communicate effectively, collaborate with those who have a different view, seek continuous improvement)
      • Middle school:  Application and connection 3-5 year implementation (school, friends, parents, dating, addictions, self worth); See/Do/Get models: professional learning, student learning, and family learning, create a leadership culture, align academic systems
      • High school career essentials - separate framework (greetings, goal setting, time management, digital citizenship, phone etiquette, managing emotions, email etiquette, presentation skills, resume writing, physical appearance, interviewing skills, dining etiquette, worth ethics, customer service, building trust, feedback, conflict resolution, gratitude…)
    • Middle school focus - high quality SEL services as well as highly engaging academics, deep consideration to adolescent brain development,  founded upon the need for connections and application, implementation mirrors the need for deliberate preparation for transtions into and out of middle school, curriculum based upon key practices, concepts and principles for effectiveness, engagement is key
      • Phase 2 of implementation: 1. Focus on the widely important, 2. Act on the lead measures, 3. Keep a compelling scoreboard, 4. Create a cadence of accountability
      • Run by adult and student lighthouse team, year 3 is family lighthouse team - training and ownership focused on implementation and updating the scoreboard
      • Service delivery during FIT time 2 days a week Leader in Me and 3 days still devoted to remediation and reflection
    • Q & A -
      • How do we get the students to buy in to the program?  Can we have leader in me presentations brought to our school from other students?  We do encourage schools to go into the teaching and learning environment and give the students opportunity to hold meaningful discussions.  “Monday morning meeting” philosophy: How are you doing? What are your weekly goals? What is your progress? Any students that would like to lead our Leader in Me meetings?  Zoom from student to student lighthouse teams.
      • What is the timeline for implementing the student training?  The training begins with 7 Habits training for the staff and being highly reflective of our teaching and having meaningful conversations that reflect our practice.  Next step is 7 weeks later being intentional about the next phase of implementation and creating culture, how we see and feel it throughout the school. Then we think of how we will share this with the students over a 3-5 year timeline.  In any given year we will have 2-3 face to face on sight coaching days for 1-3 hours, progressing to these trainings being held with the student lighthouse team. Example of implementation is students interested in teaching will partner with elementary school to lead teach lessons.  Other goals would be setting agendas, applying these to real life
      • What is the correlation between PBIS and Lighthouse?  Will it be redundant or will it enhance what we have already put into place?  60% are model award winning school and have taken the PBIS model and looked at expectations and embedded the 7 habits and lead expectations into what they have already established.  Students will be identifying incentives and PBIS prize cart is rolled out to grade levels by students in other schools, supporting what we are doing and allowing more of the responsibility to be passed to the student team.  An alignment document was created in Wilkes county to present to teachers how it will be adjoined with the PBIS model in place.
      • At what point do we reach out to parents to let them know what we are doing and how do we implement that in year one?  We want to send communication to the parents and encouraging the students to share pieces with their family, we will have an opportunity to certify 2 members of our staff to become facilitators of Highly Effective Families and teach lessons to family classes.  Typically year 3 is when the community lighthouse team is in place, but we could go ahead and get families involved with implementation process prior to year three.
      • What are our chances of getting help with funding from the district?  We are here to support our schools if our principals and teachers are interested in this, we can make it happen.  They were having questions about this being district wide, equity for all students, and what happens when we equip our teachers to make social/emotional connections with our students.
    • Next steps: visiting schools in Cabarrus, CMS (Eastway and Quail Hollow year 1) and possibly Wilkes to see implementation of Leader in Me; team attending symposium Ellis, Hess-Grove, Barron, Smith, Giers
    • Suggestions:  Valley Expo to educate parents with information session about what is Leader in Me and how to get involved.


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