• Site-based Management Team General Information

    The SVMS Site-Based Management Team helps to create the conditions that overcome alienation and disconnection within the total school program. The group strives to promote a positive environment and climate that enables parents and staff to work together in supporting the development of children in school and sharing their wisdom to plan the academic, social, and staff development programs aimed for improving teaching and learning.

    The team is comprised of representatives of each of the following groups: parents, teachers, classified employees, and administrators.

    Sun Valley Middle School’s Mission

    • Learning and Leading Together

    SVMS's School Improvement Plan

    2022 - 2023 Site-based Management Team Members

    • Gina Chisum - Principal
    • Dan Edwards - 6th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • David Thomson - 7th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • Alycia Nikolaus- 8th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • Monique Fernandez - 6th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Lori Lartey - 6th Grade Teacher Representative  
    • Amy Ellis - 7th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Molly Olson - 7th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Craig Ringersen - 8th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Florencia Guida - Encore Teacher Representative
    • Kirsten Weigert - Support Staff Representative
    • Karen Mathieson - Support Staff Representative
    • Jody Legare - 7th/8th Grade Teacher/Professional Advisory Committee/PAC Representative
    • - Teacher-at-Large Representative
    • - Parent Representative
  • Meeting Minutes



    Meeting Schedule

    Site-based team meetings are on the third Wednesday of every month. The meetings are held in the media center at 7:30am.

    October 19, 2022

    November 16, 2022

    January 18, 2023

    February 15, 2023

    March 15, 2023

    April 19, 2023

    May 17, 2023