School Lighthouse Team Members & Meeting Minutes

  • The SVMS Lighthouse team helps to create the conditions that overcome alienation and disconnection within the total school program. The group strives to promote a positive environment and climate that enables parents and staff to work together in supporting the development of children in school and sharing their wisdom to plan the academic, social, and staff development programs aimed for improving teaching and learning.

    The team is comprised of representatives of each of the following groups: parents, teachers, classifed employees, and administrators.

    Sun Valley Middle School’s Mission:

    • Learning and Leading Together

    SVMS's School Improvement Plan


  • 2020-2021 Lighthouse Team Members

    • Ashley A. Smith - Principal
    • Jamee Giers - 6th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • Tomika Brown- 7th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • Ryan Williams - 8th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • Sumer Edwards - 6th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Danielle Nadata - 7th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Joanne Jones - 7th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Cathy Hess-Grove - 7th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Amy Ellis - 7th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Lisa Cochran - 8th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Kim Morgan - Encore Teacher Representative
    • Jocelyn Krest - Encore Teacher Representative
    • Michelle Belk - Teacher-at-Large Representative
    • Jessica Schleicher - 8th Grade Parent Representative




  • November Meeting

    Agenda Lighthouse  11/13/2020


    • What is going well?


        1. We have less kids failing than we did first term.
        2. Kids are starting to share the issues they have when they are home.
        3. Getting work done in both places.
        4. Success Teams feedback good from the 6th grade team.
        5. Incorporating LIM pieces into other parts of the school day (Jr. Thespians, etc).
        6. Relationships with students that continue to build despite being virtual.
        7. Our student leaders are taking initiative to lead classes.
        8. SLTH did an amazing job with our Vet. Day Celebration.
        9. The ability of our staff to adopt where we are going for the success of our students. 
        10. The way we are embracing the LIM Way of life. 
        11. Because of the processes we have implemented this year: we are beginning to see the strengths of our staff, meeting people, we are seeing leaders, we are more apt to go outside of our boxes and safe bubbles. 


    • 1:10 Alexis DeRoss has a proposal for the Lighthouse Team


        1. Why are they not taught “life skills” in middle school? (rent, loans, applications, resumes, interviews, etc.)
          1. Resume
          2. Dress for interview
          3. Balance a checkbook
          4. Dos and Don’ts in interviewing
        2. The proposal would be to have an entire week to learn these things. The staff would take a week and drop the curriculum and have something like a “PROFESSIONAL/ADULT Learning Skill Week.” 
        3. The Leadership Environment & Teach Students to Lead Action Teams would be the main contacts with organizing this. This will focus on this during our Leadership week. 
        4. Suggestion to have Dr. Eason to come in to motivate students a little more. 
        5. Suggestion to use the LEAD DAY as a celebration and wrap up in the afternoon. 


    • Feedback and Focus from Coaching Day with Lesley: 
    • Biggest observation: Give yourself time! (For Achieve Goals Action Team)
    • Consider as LHT: Your leadership groups should function as the lighthouse team. 
    • The school that I walked into today in the middle of the pandemic feels very different from the first day. We have done amazing things in a year and a few months. We have a balanced implementation. 
    • If we keep it up, there is no reason that we should not be talking about CERTIFICATION for a lighthouse school in Spring 2022. Based on the work that we are currently doing. 
    • Leslie thanked us for inviting her in person. 
    • Status Updates from Action Teams






    Adult Learning



    • Plan mapped out for beginning teachers to help them to get them onboard with implementation
    • Vet. Day.-Eddings


    Teach Students to Learn



    • We have goals set to have lead lessons updated for 1st semester and working to get them updated for 2nd semester by JanuaryGoals set to have the lead lessons for S1 by November Meeting & S2 by January


    Leadership Environment

    Missing 2 people


    • We are working on video
    • Attendance is a struggle for some
    • The people who are attending are moving forward with goals.
    • The environment  part is meeting Dec. 
    • PBIS fundraiser...Cinder Block Painting party Dec. 12th. Will be on announcements. 
    • Bulletin board is done just need to update with the prize list and matrix. 


    Shared Leadership



    • A new Survey is going out this week about leadership roles both in school and classrooms.


    Achieve Goals



    • Big Rock is to get the scoreboard up. 
    • Grade level WIGS for grade level.


    Empower Learners



    • Big Rock will discuss how we can modify for our school specifically. 
    • Website portion ideas starting to form. 




    • Teacher Feedback on Leadership Notebooks


        1. Generally positive; some asked clarifying questions
        2. Those who were present in class and virtual, seemed to understand. But how do we get those who are not logging into homeroom/lead time involved and on board? 
        3. Struggling getting students to log in for lead time.


    • Budget- Purchase of Wacoms?


        1. Ashley would like to buy a few of these to start to try out to see if we like them. 
        2. It would give you the ability to walk around and leave from behind our computers.
        3. We are ok with ordering. 


    • What is it? How does it work? See in action. Interview how they help us? 
    • Jamee Giers, Cathy Hess-Grove, 7 Ashley Smith will help take the lead for this.
    • Is there an Action Team that this would fall under? NO
    • Which huddle/huddles would be good to interview about this? 
    • What tech resources would we need?
    • Announcements-
    • All Action Teams need to send their Action Team information to Amy for the Student LH Team to be able to pick a team. Include: the name of your action committee, the purpose, and your big rocks


      1. MRA
      2. - We need to get our population surveyed. Parent survey is going home. Students will be on management Monday. 
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