SBMT Members & Meeting Minutes

  • The SVM School Improvement Team helps to create the conditions that overcome alienation and disconnection within the total school program. The group strives to promote a positive environment and climate that enables parents and staff to work together in supporting the development of children in school and sharing their wisdom to plan the academic, social, and staff development programs aimed for improving teaching and learning.

    The team is comprised of representatives of each of the following groups: parents, teachers, classifed employees, and administrators.

    Sun Valley Middle School’s Mission:

    • To provide a quality education, develop citizenship, and challenge students according to their needs, interests, and abilities within a safe and orderly environment. 21st Century SPARTAN Leaders are: Self-directed, Prepared, Accomplished, Responsible, Tech-Savvy, and Adaptable students who Never quit!

    SVMS's School Improvement Plan


  • 2017-2018 SIT Members

    • Debra Dixon - Chair and 8th Grade Representative
    • Vicki Rose Merritt - Principal
    • Ashley Smith - 6th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • Marshall Gore, Jr.- 7th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • Chris Horne - 8th Grade Assistant Principal Representative
    • Stephanie Huneycutt - 6th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Nancy Lunsford - 7th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Debra Dixon - 8th Grade Teacher Representative
    • Karen Mathieson - Teacher-at-Large Representative
    • Nancy Campbell - Encore Teacher Representative
    • Maureen Donohue - At-large Teacher Representative
    • Jennifer Keller - 6th Grade Parent Representative
    • Amy Shaffer - 6th Grade Parent Representative
    • Dawn Wesley - 7th Grade Parent Representative
    • Allison Rivera - 7th Grade Parent Representative
    • Holly Weaver - 8th Grade Parent Representative
    • Jenny Kanagy - 8th Grade Parent Representative
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  • January 10th

    January 10, 2018             Site Based Team Meeting Minutes


    Members and guests present:

    Debra Dixon

    Karen Mathieson

    Maureen Donohue

    Stephanie Honeycutt

    Jenny Kanagy

    Deputy Kay

    Kisha Phifer

    Dawn Wesley

    Ray Singleterry

    Jennifer Keller

    Amy Shaffer

    Vicki Merritt

    Ashley Smith

    Craig and Loreen Ringersen

    Kaye Vogus

    Gary Sides

    Donna Grexa



    Ms. Merritt called the meeting to order at 4:17

    She introduces Gary Sides (Board of Education) as our special guest

    1. Mr. Sides shared current items the Board is currently covering:.
        1. We are leasing the laptops instead of buying them. So when laptops need to be fixed, we just trade them out for a replacement.
        2. Mr. Sides shared that the Board issued a raise to bus drivers
        3. Mr. Sides also shared that with the use of the new apps (Where’s the Bus and the UCPS app) there are over 14,000 subscribers
        4. In regards to special needs students, we have started a program at the elementary level called Spire. We are looking at implementing something similar in middle and high school.
        5. Mr. Sides covered the process taking place with the realignment taking place in the county.
        6. The Board is in the process of completing 3-5 grades replenishing their classroom libraries. Surveys will come out to the teachers asking for their input on their needs.
        7. Mr. Sides discussed the bond referendum. Due to several factors, including population and county growth, some tweaking has had to be done with the original plans.
        8. Union County is the only county in NC that pays 100% for the students to take the ACT and SAT.
    2. Presentation of the Breanna Ringersen Scholarship to Craig and Loreen Ringersen. (keep this a secret)
      1. Ms. Merritt presented the Breanna Ringersen Scholarship to the Ringersens.
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