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  • September 2015 Minutes

    No Old Business to discuss.

    -Maintenance Golf Tournament – September 25th.  Please promote-Christmas gifts purchased with these funds.

    -Members read over the SIP this was not a re-write year just an update year.  SIP was approved.

    -Discussion about starting a Military writing program, either by class or school wide.

    -2nd Annual Community Fair will be held at Wolfe on October 23rd. There will be one session at 9:00 a.m. Wolfe is partnering with Weddington Middle and they will have an evening session at a date/time to be determined.

    -Discussion regarding a Parent/Staff Social in second semester.  Possibly, a cookout here at Wolfe and invite parents and have classes have games for everyone to play. Mrs. Strader will lead this and all teachers will be on this committee.

    -Discussion about giving back to the community each month.  For example: dog/cat treats for the Animal Shelter, cleaning goods for Homeless Shelter, toiletries for the Nursing Home., etc.  Each month a different local agency will be chosen. Mr. Deming and Cheryl will lead. They will reach out and find what the needs of the agencies are.


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