Resources for Parents

  • Testing Tips for Parents 

    Parents play a key role in preparing students for state assessments. During this testing period, parents are encouraged to:
    • Make sure students are in school during review and testing sessions. Avoid doctor or dental appointments on review or test dates.
    • Stay well-informed about students' tests. Know their test schedule, results, how results are used, and how the results will affect grade placement or course recommendations.
    • If there are major differences between a student's standardized test scores and overall school grades, find out why.
    • Encourage students to listen carefully to all test-taking directions given by the teacher and to ask questions about any directions that are unclear.
    • Make sure students are well-rested on test day.
    • Make sure students eat breakfast on the day of the test. Hunger can detract from a good test performance.
    • Encourage students to do their best.
      (Tips provided by the American School Counselor Association)