• Welcome to Air Force Junior ROTC NC-955


    AFJROTC is an academic program sponsored by the United States Air Force with the mission to, "Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving thier nation and community."  Led by a retired USAF officer and Senior NCO, the program will give your student a unique opportunity to be mentored throughout thier high school time to lead a life of integrity, service, and patriotism while having amazing experiences such as out of state field trips, summer camps, and drill competitions.  We have cadets from both Porter Ridge High School and Piedmont High School so students get to meet and interact with kids from across the area.  Please note that the program is neither boot camp nor combat training and is not a recruiting program for any military service.  There are advantages in taking AFJROTC should a cadet choose to join the military, but this discussion/decision belongs with you and your cadet; we will assist if asked.  Uniforms are provided at no cost and fundraisers offset the cost of field trips so financial status is never a hindrence to participation.                                                                                                       


        Blue Ridge Challenge   Ellis Island
            Piedmont High School Saber Team                                   Summer Leadership Camps                               Touring NYC and West Point

    Major Chadrick Richardson is the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI), and teaches: 

    • Aviation History
    • Science of Flight
    • Exploration of Space
    • Survival
    • Management of the Cadet Corps
    • Drill and Ceremonies
    • Physical Fitness

     MSgt Catrina Colvin is the Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI), and teaches Leadership Education. His courses include:

    • Traditions, Wellness, and Foundations of Citizenship
    • Communication, Awareness, and Leadership
    • Life Skills and Career Opportunities
    • Principles of Management
    • Management of the Cadet Corps
    • Drill and Ceremonies
    • Physical Fitness

    Cadets wear the provided Air Force uniform on Wednesdays.  We also participate in weekly Physical Fitness activities as part of our regular curriculum.

    New students are always welcome to join Air Force JROTC. Students can be involved in our numerous extracurricular activities and field trips should they desire. While there are advantages to taking Junior ROTC should you desire to pursue a career in the military, we are not recruiters. We can refer students should they seek guidance, but our mission is to build leaders and develop citizens. Advanced education is highly recommended if at all attainable.

    College Search and Career Search engines on class web page: https://ucps.instructure.com/courses/27092


    Please send comments/suggestions to: chadrick.richardson@ucps.k12.nc.us