Academic Programs

  • The middle school is a transitional agency which is designed to meet the needs of students between childhood and late adolescence as they cope with the ever-changing social, emotional, physical and intellectual challenges facing them daily. While continuing to provide the strong academic core of skills begun in elementary school, the middle school program is designed with the flexibility to allow students to explore and develop individual interests and abilities in an effort to better understand themselves, their environment, and their peers. The middle school seeks to provide opportunities for each student's total development-mental, physical, emotional, social, and moral.

    Porter Ridge Middle School operates on a modified block schedule. Students have a daily 90-minute section of mathematics and a daily 90-minute section of communication skills for the entire year. Eight Grade Social Studies and Science are offered in 90-minute intervals alternating days for the entire year. Sixth and Seventh Grade Social Studies and Science are offered by semester in 90-minute intervals. Additionally, related arts courses are on an alternating schedule (A/B) for 90 minute blocks.

    Grading Scale 
    A: 90-100
    B: 80-89
    C: 70-79
    D: 60-69 

    School Information

    County and State Requirements