November 10                                                                                                       December 10

    Cuthbertson at East Union                                                                                 Union Academy at Weddington

    Sun Valley at Monroe                                                                                         Porter Ridge at Parkwood

    Marvin Ridge at Porter Ridge                                                                            Monroe at Marvin Ridge

    Weddington at Piedmont                                                                                   East Union at Sun Valley

    Parkwood at Union Academy                                                                             Piedmont at Cuthbertson


    November 17                                                                                                       December 15

    Piedmont at Parkwood                                                                                       Sun Valley at Weddington

    East Union at Weddington                                                                                 Parkwood at Marvin Ridge

    Union Academy at Marvin Ridge                                                                        Monroe at East Union

    Porter Ridge at Sun Valley                                                                                 Porter Ridge at Piedmont

    Monroe at Cuthbertson                                                                                     Cuthbertson at Union Academy


    November 19                                                                                                       December 17

    Weddington at Sun Valley                                                                                Cuthbertson at Marvin Ridge

    Marvin Ridge at Parkwood                                                                               Weddington at Parkwood

    Monroe at Piedmont                                                                                        Monroe at Porter Ridge

    Union Academy at East Union                                                                         East Union at Union Academy

    Cuthbertson at Porter Ridge                                                                            Sun Valley at Piedmont


    November 23                                                                                                       January 7

    Parkwood at Weddington                                                                                  Weddington at Cuthbertson

    Marvin Ridge at Cuthbertson                                                                             Parkwood at Sun Valley

    Porter Ridge at Monroe                                                                                     Piedmont at Monroe

    Piedmont at East Union                                                                                     Union Academy at Porter Ridge

    Sun Valley at Union Academy                                                                            Marvin Ridge at East Union


    December 1                                                                                                          January 12

    Cuthbertson at Weddington                                                                             Marvin Ridge at Weddington

    Sun Valley at Parkwood                                                                                    Sun Valley at Cuthbertson

    Porter Ridge at Union Academy                                                                       Union Academy at Piedmont

    East Union at Monroe                                                                                       Porter Ridge at East Union

    Marvin Ridge at Piedmont                                                                                Parkwood at Monroe


    December 3                                                                                                          January 14

    Weddington at Marvin Ridge                                                                            Sun Valley at Marvin Ridge

    Cuthbertson at Sun Valley                                                                                 Cuthbertson at Parkwood

    Monroe at Union Academy                                                                               Union Academy at Monroe

    Piedmont at Porter Ridge                                                                                  East Union at Piedmont

    Parkwood at East Union                                                                                    Weddington at Porter Ridge


    December 8

    Marvin Ridge at Sun Valley

    Parkwood at Cuthbertson

    East Union at Porter Ridge

    Piedmont at Union Academy

    Weddington at Monroe


    *East has extra home game since tournament is in the West.

    *Play everyone from your division twice and everyone from the other division once.

    *Marvin Ridge is hosting the tournament.

    *The girls will play first November 10th – December 8th.  The boys will play first December 10th – January 14th.

    *First day for tryouts/practice is October 21st.