24 Club
    The Math 24 Club meets each Monday after school until 4:30. If you enjoy mathematical problem solving in a competitive environment, then the Math 24 Club is for you. Math 24 is open to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Please have your rides out front by 4:30. We look forward to seeing you. 

    AOK Club
    The goal of the Random Acts of Kindness club is to spread kindness throughout out our school culture.  

    Art Club
    Ms. Malady sponsors the Art Club.

    Battle of the Books
    Battle of the Books is a fun reading competition in which teams of students compete against each other in a quiz-like setting answering questions related to the books on the Battle of the Books lists. Students interested in joining Battle of the Books should start reading titles on the books list to prepare for the school-wide Battle of the Books quiz. Students who have read at least five books on the Battle of the Books list are eligible to take the quiz in the media center during their LA class. The top 12 scorers on the quiz will be invited to join the MRMS Battle of the Books team.
    Ms. Mann coaches the Battle of the Books Team.

    Computer Club
    This club will offer opportunities for students to explore the wonders of computer programming. Students can share ideas, be creative, develop their programming skills and collaborate with peers on each grade level as well as with teachers and administration. They can participate in a computer summer camp and this will allow them to establish relationships with other students who have the same passion (a love of coding). Ms. Jowers leads the Computer Club.

    FCA  (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) 
    FCA meets in the media center on Tuesday mornings at 7:55 am beginning in September. All are welcome. Mr. Myers sponsor FCA.

    Junior Beta Club
    Beta Club is an academic service organization that enhances student character, provides opportunities for leadership and promotes academic growth. Students are required to maintain a 92% overall average and complete 3 hours of community service in each six week grading period. Ms. Wimbush and Ms. Cass sponsor the Beta Club. Open this link for more infomation.

    Mavericks Engineering & Robotics
    The Mavericks Engineering & Robotics club competes in tournaments that test students engineering skills on teams of up to 6 students.   Teams are judged based on 
    1. their robot's performance completing a series of missions on a large table with a range of different challenges, 
    2. the quality of their innovative solution to a real world problem (this year's theme is Hydrodynamics), and 
    3. how well they work as a team and follow standards of good sportsmanship and service to the community (especially in sharing their innovative solution).  
    Off season (January - May) the club also competes in local competitions, robotics demonstrations, and independent study assignments to improve engineering skills and prepare for the following season.  Ronald Kinyanjui sponsors the Mavericks Engineering & Robotics club.
    Model UN
    Mr. Anderson sponsors the Model UN club for students interested in world politics.
    Science Fair Club
    Students learn to choose a topic, research their topic and prepare a presentation for a science fair competition.  The Science Fair Club is sponsored by Ms. Haring.

    Sign Language Club
    Students in the sign language club learn sign language gain understanding about deaf culture and spread their new knowledge throughout the school. Ms. Clowney sponsors the Sign Language Club.

    Student Council
    Student Council representatives are voted into office by their peers and help shared student ideas and interests with the entire student body, teachers and other staff.  Ms. Hansen sponsors the Student Council.