Student Life Organizations

  • Below is information about the clubs and organizations that CATA has to offer. Information about the club, the faculty sponsor(s) and the meeting times will be posted as the information is received. Please contact the faculty sponsor(s) for more information about any club or organization that you're interested in.

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    Arcade Club

    We are designers who are building arcade cabinets and making games to go in them.

    Mr. Bryan

    3rd Friday


    Interest Form


    Battle of the Books 

    Students read books from a list established by the state Battle of the Books committees and then compete in quiz-bowl-style tournaments to test their knowledge of these books.

    Ms. Christensen

    There will not be a team for 2021. We will try again next year.




    Beta Club

    Beta Club (Sophomores to Seniors) is an honor society with a focus on service in the community. Whether tutoring other students or lending a helping hand in the community, you're sure to benefit as much as those you're helping. Look for your Beta Club application in your email.


    Mrs.  Morse and Mrs. Watts

    2nd Friday

     Beta Club Video


    Beta Club Logo

    Canine Club

    Canine Club brings CATA students together over our mutual love of all things Canine! We do service projects to benefit local shelters, rescues, and canine law enforcement, we have guest speakers to learn about fostering, working with emotional support animals, and we do fellowship activities like baking dog treats or making dog toys to take home to our Canine friends. Join us on Instagram (if you are allowed on Social Media) by following @catacanineclub!

    Ms, Hibberd and Mrs. Riley

    1st Mon
    Leadership Team Meeting

    2nd Mon
    4:00pm- 5:00pm
    General Meeting

    Canine Club Video


    Canvas Page

    Microsoft Teams

    Cosynage Chapter National English Honor Society (NEHS)
    Cosynage is CATA's brand new chapter of the National English Honor Society. Membership is offered to all students who have maintained an above-average overall GPA, an excellent GPA in all of his or her English classes, and has taken or is on-track to take six semesters of the English classes. Members engage in the promotion of literature and writing as well as serving the community in these areas. 
    Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Atwood 2nd Friday at 12:30 pm Microsoft Teams   
    Creative Writing 

    The Creative Writing Club exists to create positive, productive, and enjoyable places for writers of all genres and skills to meet. It is a place for writers to refine their craft, learn new skills, and to connect with their peers. Our goal is to create an environment that challenges writers and stimulates creativity. 

    Interest Form

    Ms. Tesar 

    2nd and 4th Friday


    Creative Writing Club


    Environmental Club 

    We are advocates for the environment and we believe in taking care of our planet for our welfare and for the future generations to come. The goal of our club is to inform people on environmental issues, how to take better care of our planet, and be more responsible stewards of our Earth.
     Ms. Kopchick  4th Friday of the month 12:30-1:30    
    CATA Esports is a club designed to allow students to use their gaming skills in a positive way by competing in a national league for scholarships, prizes, and college recruitment. Gamers will choose a time to meet weekly to practice and hone their skills. We will all meet once a month on Friday from 2:00 until 3:00 to discuss news, events, and strategies. Membership costs $90 and covers the Fall and Spring Major as well as the Winter and Summer Open. If this sounds like an exciting endeavor we welcome you to join CATA Esports! Link to Interest Form and Registration
    Mr. Bryan 3rd Friday
    Fashion Club
    This club is for students interested in pursuing their Design & Fashion dreams. Our affiliation with FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) helps students obtain scholarships and grants to fulfill their college & career goals.
    If you love Fashion, Interior Design, or Art, this club is for you!
    Ms. Casey 1st & last Friday at 12:20 pm

    Fashion Club Video

    Microsoft Teams

    Google Site


    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

    We seek to make disciples engaging, equipping, and empowering athletes to know and grow in Christ and lead others to do the same through FELLOWSHIP and FUN

    Coach Rowell 

    Ms. Inuwa 

    2nd and 4th 
    Fridays at 1:00 PM 

    FCA Video 

    Microsoft Teams

    FCA Logo

    Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

    To promote tolerance and acceptance throughout the school community and to provide a safe, non-judgmental space as a support network for those in the LGBTQIA+ community and straight allies who share a common vision of social equality.

    To be added to the Teams, please email Mrs. Atwood (Ms. Foreman) at or DM us!

    Mrs. Atwood (was Ms. Foreman) 3rd Fridays from 12:20-1:00


    Microsoft Teams


    Hands Helping Others

    Do you like helping others? Are you interested in giving back to the community? Would you like to be a Special Olympics Buddy? If so, please join the "Hands Helping Others Club" today! We are the best club at CATA!

    Ms. Hinson 2nd Friday, 12:20 to 1:00 PM Microsoft Teams   


    HOSA's two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to empower its members “to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience.”

    Membership Form

    Mrs. Turner

    2nd and 4th  Friday


    HOSA Video

    Microsoft Teams

    HOSA emblem

    International Thespian Society

    The International Thespian Society (ITS), founded in 1929, is an honorary organization for high school and middle school theatre students located at more than 4,900 affiliated secondary schools across America and abroad. The mission of ITS is to honor student achievement in the theatre arts. We promote professional opportunities for growth in all areas of the theatre arts including performing, design, tech, and more.


    Ms. Starkey

    1st Friday
    ITS Officers

    2nd Friday
    ITS Club

      International Thespian Society logo

    Knitting for Good

    Learn to knit while doing good things for your community! Knitting for Good is a safe space to learn a new skill, chat with friends, and create items that can be used by people in need. Grab a cup of tea and some cookies and get ready to enjoy some fun with yarn and needles!

    Mrs. Watts

    1st and 3rd Friday
    1:00pm- 2:00pm


    Maker Club

    Do you enjoy hands-on building and designing? In the Maker Club, we dream up whatever machine, mechanism, circuit, assembly, or any combination thereof, that we think might be fun, design it, make the parts, and then build it. We conceptualize, design, fabricate, try, cut, mill, solder, turn, melt, print, weld, learn how, mess up, succeed, and then do it all again. We make stuff - all kinds of stuff - just for the fun of it. We are the Maker Club.


    Mr. Humphries

    Every Friday


    Minority Student Union 

    Open to all students, the Minority Student Union seeks to create a group of educated leaders who use their voices to create change within the school. Participants will have the opportunity to educate their peers about social issues that affect minority communities around the world. Members will take part in roundtable discussions and learn about the history of other cultures. Our club seeks to create a unified and empowered student-led community at CATA.

    Interest Form

    Ms. Merritt and Mrs. Stephenson 1st and 3rd Fridays at 8:15 am on Microsoft Teams    

    National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society is a national organization that celebrates scholarship, leadership, service, and character of students. NHS requires multiple service projects in the community or school. Membership is restricted to juniors and seniors.  The purpose of the National Honor Society is to elevate students’ and schools’ academics, leadership, and community engagement. Enhance your leadership qualities by servicing the community. 

    NHS By-Laws

    By-Laws Signature Page


    Ms. Thompson and Ms. Tesar

    1st Friday
    NHS Meeting

    4th Friday
    NHS Officers Mtg.

    NHS Video NHS logo
    National Honor Society of Dance Arts
    NHSDA Vision
    We envision a nation in which all students have equal opportunity and access to quality dance arts education and are recognized for their outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in the field of dance.
    NHSDA Secondary Program Goals
    1. To recognize outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students studying dance in public and private schools in K-12 education, dance studios, cultural/community centers, performing arts organizations, and post-secondary education.
    2. To foster an appreciation for dance as a true art form and one worthy of recognition and prestige.
    Mrs. Cyphers      

    National Spanish Honor Society 

    Ms. Falla 3rd Wednesday of each month at 4:15    

    Python Coding Club

    Our Goals:
    ~to foster a community of coding that is fun and educational
    ~to provide a place for anyone to become better at coding and/or learn the Python language
    ~to expose more students to coding, including those not in STEM academies

    This club was initiated by two seniors who want to encourage others to learn and have fun with Python (and hopefully have a county-wide competition in the spring).

    There will be an interest meeting on Friday the 18th, fill out this form if interested!

    Mrs. Griffin

    1st Friday

    2nd Friday

    Python Coding Club Video



    Rho Kappa

    The mission and purposes of this organization:

    - to promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies among high school students.
    - to provide through its local chapters opportunities for exploration in the social studies in secondary school environments and the community.
    - to encourage interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the social studies

    Ms. Thompson

    1st Mon
    Rho Kappa General Meeting

    4th Friday
    Rho Kappa Officers Meeting


    Robotics Club

    The world of VEX Robotic Competition!!! The robotics club is accepting students who want to participate in the exciting world of designing, building, programming, and finally, competing in the challenging world of VEX Robotic Competitions. The first competition is usually a local competition, last year held at the Monroe Agricultural Center, between all the UCPS high schools. It was a blast, with time goals, referees, and multi-level competitions that allowed clubs to show off their collaboratively created super bots. I was a referee and was very impressed with all the different, outside of the box ideas that were displayed. All competitions have a set of rules that must be adhered to, but the focus is still, just on having fun. YouTube has quite a few videos showing the different levels of Vex competitions. If interested, email me at I'm hoping to have our first virtual meeting after Labor Day.

    Mr. Bernhard

    2nd Friday
    3:00pm-4:00 pm

    3rd Friday

    Robotics Club Video   

    Shooting Sports Team

    Shooting Sports' main focus is the hunter's safety. We practice at Take Aim Shooting Range on Sundays learning how to properly handle a firearm and the techniques to hit your target. We are a competitive team with competitions held usually in March and April. Students can participate in all or one of our rifles, shotgun, and archery teams.

    Mrs. Pentecost

    Every Sunday, January- May

    Shooting Sports Video

    Microsoft Teams


    Skills USA

    SkillsUSA empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens. We improve the quality of our nation's future skilled workforce through the development of SkillsUSA Framework skills that include personal, workplace, and technical skills grounded in academics.

    Mr. Pressley This is a part of the in-class curriculum    Skills USA logo
    Society of Women Engineers 
    The SWE mission is to encourage women to achieve their full potential as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity.
    Mr. Humphries and Mr. Hidalgo  4th Fridays from 2-3 PM     

    Speech and Debate Club

    Let your voice be heard through Speech & Debate. Learn to present your arguments effectively, understand the opposing side of an argument, and organize your thoughts and research...all while having fun and participating in an extracurricular that colleges love.

    Ms. Watts 

    Every Friday


     Speech and Debate Video  

    Student Council

    Student Council is a member of the North Carolina Association of Student Councils. We govern the activities of the Student Body while trying to sustain and increase the school spirit. Student Council represents the student body of CATA. We strive to build strong leaders in our school and community. We organize fundraisers, attend leadership conferences, and plan school-wide activities such as the Homecoming pep rally and dance, Spirit Weeks, the Powder Puff football game, and Prom.

    Interest Form

    Freshmen Officer Interest Form

    Mr. McDowell

    1st Friday
    Student Council Officers

    3rd Friday
    Student Council General Members

    STUCO Video  Student Council Logo

    Travel Club

    Travel Club travels to another country each spring break. There will not be a trip in 2021 but the 2022 spring break trip is currently scheduled to go to Italy. It is a wonderful way to experience life outside North Carolina. If you're interested in information about this trip contact Mrs. Pentecost or stop by her room 102.

    Ms. Pentecost   

    Travel Club Video

    Microsoft Teams 

    Tri-M Music Honor Society
    Mr. Retzlaff 1st & 3rd Fri. 12:20 to 1:00    
    World Language Club

    Students come together to learn about foreign countries. We will explore several countries and the diverse culture, politics, foods, geography of these distant and not so distant lands. Join us for the ultimate virtual adventure!

    Ms. McAbee

    3rd Mon
    4:00pm- 4:30pm

     Microsoft Teams  
    Yearbook Club
    The yearbook is a historical record of your year. It requires lots of staff members to create an amazing book. We are looking for photographers, writers, people good with technology, and people who are good at interviewing. Yearbook looks amazing on your school transcript and gives you lots of real-world skills to prepare you for your future. Don't miss this opportunity to record this year's historical events.
    Ms. Pentecost

    Every Friday

     Yearbook Club Video

    Microsoft Teams