Clubs and Organizations

  • CHS Club General Guidelines

    • Must have a minimum of 10 members to form and maintain a club.
    • All clubs must have at least one staff advisor. The advisor must attend all meetings.  If the advisor is not able to attend a scheduled meeting, then it is the responsibility of the advisor to find a staff member to cover. If a staff member is not available to cover, then the club meeting will be canceled.
    • Each club must have elected officers.
    • A constitution must be created, reviewed and approved prior to the second meeting. Failure to abide by this expectation may result in the termination of the club for the remainder of the school year. 
    • The creation and/or revision of the constitution and/or bylaws must meet the following before implementation:
      • Majority vote of present student members
        • The minimum approval rate is at the discretion of the club as long as it is greater than 50%.
      • Staff advisor approval
    • Clubs should remain open to all interested students, except in cases in which academic requirements are in place (i.e. National Honor Society).
    • Each club should meet a minimum of eight times during the school year.
    • An agenda and minutes from each meeting will be submitted online via a provided Google form.
    • All clubs must remain updated and linked to the school website. The advisor of the club is responsible for sending Mrs. Tautfest the required information by the second scheduled meeting to post on the website.
    • Any dues and/or memberships must remain current if applicable.
    • Each club should collect dues based on the specific needs of the group. Clubs are not intended to be money-generating organizations.
    • All clubs are expected to participate in at least one school/community event/ project each year. Clubs may work with other clubs within an event/ project.
    • All clubs must gain approval from the school bookkeeper and administration prior to assigning any fees/dues or participating in a fundraiser.
    • All money is to be received and handled by the staff advisor. Students should never handle money.
    • All clubs must follow the rules and procedures of Cuthbertson High School and Union County Public Schools.
    • The administration holds the right to suspend and/or terminate clubs that do not meet the minimum guidelines set forth in this document.

    General Procedures to Start a New Club

    The deadline for submitting an application for a *new* club is October 29, 2021. 

    1. Read and review the CHS Club General Guidelines (above.)
    2. Check to make certain that the club you are interested in starting is not already in place within CHS.
    3. Secure a staff member to serve as the club advisor. Make certain to discuss meeting location, dates and times.
    4. Spread the word about your interest in starting a new club. Find at least ten students that are interested in serving as members for the club. Complete the CHS Petition Form. 
    5. Complete the CHS Club Application.
    6. Turn the CHS Petition Form and CHS Club Application form in to Dr. DeCouto.
    7. Proposed clubs looking for initial approval will go before the Site-Based Management Team for approval.
    8. Once your club is approved, you should schedule the first meeting and advertise your new club.
    9. At the first meeting you will:
      • Discuss the purpose and plan for the club.
      • Elect officers.
      • Write the Club Constitution.
      • Obtain member and advisor approval of the Club Constitution.
      • Establish the meeting times and dates for the remainder of the school year. Be specific with dates.
      • Submit the meeting agenda, minutes and Club Constitution via the appropriate Google Forms/ Documents.
    10. Once the Club Constitution is approved and elected officers are in place, as a club you may proceed with scheduled meetings. Make certain to always adhere to the CHS Club Guidelines.

    If your request to start a new club is denied by the Site-Based Management Team, you may file a request to hold an appeal meeting with the administration. The club advisor should email Dr. DeCouto to schedule a time.

    CHS Club Forms