Kickboard for Teachers




    • Monroe Middle School is proud to be a PBIS school.
    • The definition of PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Support
    • Throughout the school there are common expectations taught to students and posted throughout the school.
    • The matrix on the next page outlines all of the school-wide expectations.
    • Noise levels in the school are: 0 (silent), 1 (whisper), 2 (softly talking), 3 (loud talking/outside voice)
    • Each student is expected to Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Prepared in all that they do.
    • Students are rewarded with staff signatures for meeting the expectations by: no referrals, no tardies, perfect attendance and making honor roll.
    •  All students are issued signature cards and must not lose them.
    • Signatures lost or stolen will not be replaced.
    • Students cannot share their signatures with other students.

    Classroom Poster

    Rewards Menu

    PBIS Matrix for Handbook

    Signature Earning Sheet