• Would you like to receive text communication from Shiloh about important dates/activities?

    Join Shiloh on Twitter to receive text messages from us.

    (you do not need to have or sign up for a twitter account)


    1) On your cell phones send a text to 40404. (You would normally send a text to a phone contact or a phone number. In this case, just type 40404 in the “To:” box on your phone.)

    2) In the message section, type follow shilohbulldogs (The bolding is for illustration.)

    3) Please note that there is a space between “follow” and “shilohbulldogs.” shilohbulldogs is written as one word, and you do not need to capitalize.

    4) You will receive a confirmation text from Twitter.

    5) You’re done! You will now be able to receive “tweets” from Mr. Spencer/Mrs. Aldredge about school events via text message.