The Dual Language Program at Weddington Elementary School


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      UCPS Dual Language/Immersion (DL/I) Program


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    Students in the Dual Language Program experience cultures around the world through global projects. This is one of the most important goals of our program. Teachers establish perfect scenarios for communication among other nations by videos and chats, so kids get the chance to see foreign students, ask questions, get responses, and even skype with them using their second language.

    Learning Spanish has never been more exciting! In Dual Language Program we embrace language and culture!




    According to the CARLA (Center for Advanced on Language Acquisition) "English learners who are enrolled in a full immersion program where their native language taught and then gradually transitioned to English develop a higher level of literacy skills than their peers in regular English-only classes. Research also shows that students whose first language is English, also benefit greatly when immersing in a second language acquisition program. Not only they attain high levels of proficiency in the second language but also, as many literacy skills can be transferred, they acquire higher levels of proficiency in English and metalinguistic awareness." 

    Source: Minnesota University        http://carla.umn.edu/immersion/documents/ImmersionResearch_TaraFortune.html