• Homeroom Guide - Thursday, December 12, 2019


    GRADES 9-12: 

    • Verify working Chromebooks for final exam testing.  Have all homeroom students take out their laptop and charger.  If the charger is not at school, verify the student has a working one for exams.  Have students turn on Chromebooks and verify that the laptop is working and there is no hardware damage. Any students who have damage that would impact testing should come to the Media Center to have their laptop checked by Mr. McDonald. Cosmetic issues that will not affect testing should not be addressed. 


    GRADES 10 & 11:

    • Go over instructions for retrieving PSAT scores online - Mrs. Ellis  ALL 10TH GRADE HOMEROOMS NEED TO COMPLETE THIS.  Only 11th grade students who took the PSAT again this year will need to do this.  Return PSAT test booklets to students as well.  There are currently no paper results of the PSAT.