• Enrollment Process for New Students

    Welcome to Monroe! We're so glad you're here, and we hope that this page will make enrolling your students easier for parents.

    If you're not sure which Union County school your child should attend, you can use edulog's WebQuery search to find out. Just enter your address and the grade your child will be in during the 2021-2022 school year and it will show you which schools your child can attend. If your student is not zoned for Monroe High School, please visit the school's page for more information. You can navigate to other schools by going to the top of this page and clicking on "Schools," then clicking on the name of the school your student is assigned to. 

    If your student is zoned for Monroe High School, Welcome to the Home of the Redhawks! Now we can start the enrollment process. UCPS will be using the Scribbles online enrollment process to help enroll students. Parents will need to create a Scribbles account and then associate students with their account by entering information on each student. You can use one account for all of your students, no matter which grade they are going into. 

    Once you have set up your account and entered your students' information, you can use the "NEW High School Enrollments" application to begin the enrollment process. You will need to complete an application for each student you are enrolling. Once complete, you will have the opportunity to upload documents to your application(s). Documents you will need for enrollment include two proofs of residency, birth certificate, immunizations, parent identification, and previous school information. If you can not include these items at the time you complete the application, you can add them later or bring them into the school. 

    When you submit your application(s) they will be sent to the school(s) you indicated, and school officials can review the application, approve the application, and enroll your student while keeping you updated in the process and contacting you about any questions they may have or requesting additional documents.


    Enrollment Process

    1. Find your assigned school HERE

    2. Create a Scribbles account HERE

    3. Submit an Enrollment Application HERE

    4. School officials will review your application and be in contact with you.

    5. If needed, schedule a time to bring your required documents to the school HERE


    Paper Enrollment Forms

    Enrollment Forms

    Hoja de Inscripcion del Estudiante


    Acceptable documents for proof of residency:

    1. Notarized rental/purchase agreement

    2. Utility Bill (electric, cable/internet, gas, etc.)

    3. Drivers license and automobile registration

    4. Car insurance and property insurance policies

    5. Income tax W-2 form and property tax bill

    6. Certification of Residence - Complete only if you are living with a relative or friend who lives within the school attendance zone. This notarized form is 1 proof of residency, and the homeowner may submit one of their utility bills (or other proof) along with this form as a 2nd proof of residency.