• Welcome to School Dismissal Manager! Using School Dismissal Manager (SDM) with your desktop or smartphone browser, you can quickly and easily update your child's dismissal instructions so the teacher and office will be aware. 

    The easy-to-use interface will also allow you to make changes in advance or for the current day by creating "Exceptions" when the Default dismissal needs to be changed, making it no longer necessary to call or send notes and emails to the school for dismissal changes. When creating an "Exception" for the current day, note that the cutoff time on regular days is 1:00 p.m. (and on early-release days the cutoff time is 10:00 a.m.) No transportation changes will be allowed after 1:30pm, including phone calls.

    Each school day, School Dismissal Manager will send a comprehensive dismissal report to the school immediately following the cut-off time, allowing administrators and staff to facilitate a smooth dismissal.

    Here are a few Fast Facts that you will need to know to get started:

    You will need to add the SDM App to a smartphone, tablet, or web browser via the link included in this sentence. This app is compatible with Android and Apple devices. IMPORTANT: Returning parents need to UNINSTALL last year's app before installing the new app.

    1. Android-- Open a Chrome browser window, go to www.schooldismissalmanager.com and login. Then click the three stacked dots at the top right corner, scroll down, and click on Add to Home Screen, and follow the onscreen instructions to install the app.
    2. iPhone-- Open a Safari browser, go to www.schooldismissalmanager.comand login. Then click on the box with the arrow pointing up, scroll down, and click Add to Home Screen. Type in SDMand then tap Add to install the app.
    1. First Login:  Check your child's Default dismissal (how your child goes home most days) and make sure it is set correctly. If changes are needed, select the green Set/View Default button above the calendar, or if using the SDM app, select Default Dismissal from the menu at the top left to set the correct dismissal.  Setting a Weekday Default will override the main Default on a specific day of the week.  Always set the main Default first, then set Weekday Defaults only as necessary.
    2. FastLane/ Parent PIN:  We will be utilizing FastLane during our afternoon dismissals. You will be asked a series of questions when creating a FastLane dismissal. Select the Any Parent of… option, unless it is necessary to be specific, so that no matter which parent shows up, their PIN number will be valid for pick-up. When arriving at school for pick-up, a staff member will be at the designated check-in point to take your PIN number. Please, write your Fast Lane number largely on the bottom of your car hanging tag.
    3. Reporting Your Child Will Leave Early:  We will be utilizing SDM’s Leaving Early option so that parents can let the school know when their child is being picked up early. Select the day on the calendar that your child will be picked-up early, then select Add Exception, and choose Leaving Early, NOT Coming Back or Leaving Early, Coming Back. You must still come to the door to sign out your child and show a photo ID.
    4. The Parent Dashboard always displays the current and following week. Days when there is no school or there is an early dismissal will be clearly marked. To opt in for text messages, click Preferences in the top menu to add your mobile number.
    5. When you start to receive the email notifications of changes or cancellations that are made for your child, please keep in mind that hitting Reply or Reply All on those emails does not reply to the school. If you need to respond to a notification, please call the school directly and talk with someone in the office.
    6. As you begin to use School Dismissal Manager, if you have questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) link found in the Parent login area at the top of the SDM homepage. Here, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If your question remains unanswered after checking here, please contact Julie Swafford in the school office and she will be happy to assist you further.

    Thank you for using this tool to help us keep the dismissal process safe for all our students.