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      Schedule for Virtual Academy, Plan D - Remote Learning Daily

      Schedule for In-Person Learning, Plan B - 1 Day In Person, 4 Days Remote

      Hey Redhawks, here is the alpha Breakdown for all four days of in-person learning.

      • Monday (A-D)
      • Tuesday (E-K)
      • Wednesday (L-Q)
      • Thursday (R-Z)
      • Friday (All remote) 





    Hey Redhawk Family! We miss you all tremendously! This message is to inform you that beginning the week of April 20, UCPS will transition into phase four of the Remote Learning Plan. During this week, new learning of new standards will begin for all students. We are working to make sure all of our students have access to what they need to succeed. 

    For high schools, new learning with new standards will begin Monday, April 20 and middle schools will begin on Tuesday, April 21.  For elementary schools, new learning with new standards will be phased in by subject and begin Thursday, April 23. In addition, some packets were mailed to families to help meet the need of those who were unable to access their technology.

    While district leaders continue to seek guidance from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction about grades, teachers will track participation, provide ongoing feedback and communication with students.

    As a reminder, the EmpowerED Family Portal is available for free learning resources for all grade levels. Click here to review the UCPS Remote Learning Plan.

    Below is the schedule for middle schools and highlights for this level: 


    • Schedule will begin on April 21 and assignments will be posted in Canvas by 8:00 a.m. each day.
    • Students will spend no more than 75 minutes on activities per subject each day.
    • Students receive instruction, assignments, and/or activities in each subject for which they are enrolled.
    • Students/parents should direct questions to teachers of the subject/course.
    • Teachers will maintain “remote” office hours for a minimum of 2 hours on designated office hours days and should respond to student/parent inquiries within 24 hours to the greatest extent possible.
    • Flexibility is key – instruction and activities should take into account each student’s current situation
    • New standards of instruction will be introduced and students are encouraged to stay engaged and participate in the learning opportunities.
    • Teachers will track student participation and monitor student progress for feedback.





    Hello Redhawk Family,

    Last night you should have received a communication from the district on the next steps on how we intend to support our students in this unprecedented time. The communication went out both in a text and email. This remote learning model that was shared will begin April 1st for middle schools and take place largely online via Canvas. We do know and understand acutely the difficulty that some of our community may face when it comes to accessibility to the internet and a working Chromebook. Many of our teachers and staff have been reaching out to see what the needs are and we in the administration are working hard to come up with real workable solutions. A couple to note currently, is that any working smart device phone or computer that has a internet connection, including gaming systems can help your scholar reach the student start up page via our school website.

    Next step you can take, is to make sure you follow-up with your child's teachers and their requests. Many are trying to gather as much information as necessary so we know who needs what and then we can plan otherwise for those without. The intention is not to teach new material at this time but supplemental material to strengthen student skills. You can help by encouraging your child to check daily for updates on line, checking their email, and making sure they do their best to adhere to timelines and due dates. Be sure to check our social media, the website, and emails for ongoing updates. We are in times where things are rapidly changing. Also please note that the free meals are still continuing at the building for those 18 and under in Union county 7 days a week. If you do call the office, someone will be checking the voicemail remotely every so often to address concerns but no one is manning the building daily while it is closed. If we go back to packets, we will send out another communication.

    Be well and we do miss you all! Go Redhawks!


    Use this link to access the document that the district sent: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sp4OluY8zx1FLGqnDIaZuaT_ozTOuaEH?usp=sharing