Back to School 2020-2021 Resources

  • The Back to School 2020-2021 Resource page is full of information and resources for both students and parents. Please be sure to look at all resources that you can access through the general topics on the menu to the left.

    Each page includes information, along with links to videos and documents, to support both students and parents. 

    Porter Ridge High School staff is excited to see our students and to get back to learning. We consider parents to be partners in this process and hope that you will let us know what additional information that we can provide to you. We will continue to encourage our High School Students to gain independence by communicating with their teachers, counselors, and administrators with any questions, concerns, or problems.  

    This page will continue to have information added as we increase resources. When we add new items-they will be highlighted for the first week they are posted with new sticker

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    Students in Plan B (attending school and participating from home in live instruction M-Th)-Each student will be assigned one day to come to school, but all students will be required to be ‘in class’ during the class period Monday through Thursday whether they are in school or at home that day. This day of face to face instruction for our students is crucial to their success.  Fostering a relationship with their teacher has always been an important part of high school. Friday is a ‘remote’ day for all students where there will not be live instruction, in general, but students will be assigned required activities to do.  Monday through Thursday PR Teachers will be teaching all students, both those physically in their classroom that day and those students at home. Students can expect live instruction Monday through Thursday. This will entail a virtual meeting each day with a mixture of direct instruction, guided practice, collaborative activities, and independent work..... See the rest of this description by opening the letter linked above.

    Students in PR Virtual Academy (also known as Plan D)-According to UCPS guidelines this option will provide courses that meet graduation requirements and a baseline of electives.  We will do our best to provide your students with PRHS Teachers for their virtual classes. Where possible we will offer truly virtual classes that are more flexible in when work is completed during the day. This would be similar to a UCVirtual or NCVPS course if your child has taken those before. PRHS teachers will add more live instruction than those classes have had in the past.  This semester, in order to get students the courses they already requested, we will be using a combination of ‘virtual’ courses where there is flexibility in the student’s individual daily schedule and ‘remote’ courses where students are expected to follow the actual school daily schedule due to the heavy use of live instruction.... See the rest of this description by opening the letter linked above.  Note - virtual applications were due in late July and most classes are full. Students applying for this semester (Fall 2020) from this point forward will have a schedule with all 'remote' courses where they must follow the actual school daily schedule. 

    The full document is under "Teaching and Learning" on the menu to the left.  Please read the above informational letter to parents that went out in July 2020 to provide an overview of Instruction and the differences between Plan B and Plan D.