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  • The Back to School Resource page is full of information and resources for both students and parents. Please be sure to look at all resources that you can access through the general topics on the menu to the left.

    Each page includes information, along with links, to support both students and parents. 

    Porter Ridge High School staff is excited to see our students and to get back to learning. We consider parents to be partners in this process and hope that you will let us know what additional information we can provide for you. We will continue to encourage our high school students to gain independence by communicating with their teachers, counselors, and administrators with any questions, concerns, or problems.  

    This page will continue to have information added as we increase resources. 

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    Be sure to follow our PRHS School Information on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, in addition to reading the Pirate Press, our digital newsletters. Please remember that we use our website, Pirate Press, and social media as our main form of communication. We email our newsletter once per week during the school year.

    22-23 School Year

    Classes start Monday 8/29. Students may be dropped off as early as 7:45 am and first-period class begins promptly at 8:10. A number of items are linked or attached to this email. Back to School information is located on our website under Quick Links. There is information about finding your child's schedule, how to read the schedule, and how to request a schedule correction if your child falls into one of the specific categories listed on this site. A school map is also available here for a student to access through their UCPS Google account. All students will report directly to their first-period class in the morning. Students can see their schedule through NCEdCloud on their Chromebook, or by downloading the PowerSchool App on their device. Students can see how to view their schedule by going to the "Back to School Information" link above. If a student cannot accomplish this and needs assistance finding their schedule, they should report to the high school cafe when they arrive and staff will be there to assist them with accessing their schedule through their Chromebook and/or phone. Students who enrolled this summer and need help finding their schedule should also report to the cafeteria for assistance.

    On Tuesday 8/30, all students will meet in Pirate Advisory (listed as "Homeroom" on their schedule). They will go to Pirate Advisory after first period and teachers will explain that to the students. In Advisory they will get learn more about PRHS and will have a review of important rules and procedures. You can access the Codes of Conduct here so that you can review them as well. Students should bring home the following paper forms on Tuesday to get signed:

    • Notice of Right to Withhold Consent concerning reproductive issues (English/Spanish)
    • Health Information for Nurse (English/Spanish)* (all students must return this form)
    • Military connected student form

    ***Students should return the paper forms to Advisory on Thursday. The rest of the forms are online forms that are listed under “Quick Links”, “Back to School”, then forms. Important Forms for parents to complete online:

    • Parent Contact Info Google form
    • Student Code of Conduct PARENT Acknowledgement form
    • Photo/Video Release Form
      ​​Chromebook PARENT Agreement form (all 9th and 10th-grade parents only)


    Kim Fisenne