Health Sciences Academy at East Elementary

  • Union County Public Schools offers students the opportunity to explore and engage in the high-demanding and fast-growing healthcare industry. The Health Sciences Academy offers many ways for students to explore health sciences in the healthcare industry. These courses focus on the exploration of a variety of health science-related fields and careers. 

    Other schools within the Health Sciences Academy (HSA), include Walter Bickett Elementary, Health Sciences Academy at Monroe Middle and Monroe High. Our unique partnership with Atrium Health, which began in 2017, allows us to provide an aligned K-12 curriculum that engages our students at each grade level.

    Union County Public Schools is thankful for the support of partnerships including Atrium Health, South Piedmont Community College and Wingate University. Atrium Health provides healthcare specialists, who are dedicated to each level of the Academy, including elementary, middle, and high. Their presence in our building helps ensure connectivity, collaboration and relevance to the industry and job market. 


    To prepare students to become active contributors to their community and shape students for a successful future by providing them with experiences in health sciences careers and pathways, beginning in kindergarten and continuing through high school. 

    Why Health Sciences Academy?

    • There is a need for diversity in the workforce due to the industry’s growth. 
    • By exploring how the brain and body work, students begin to understand the importance of healthy choices and their impact on health and learning. 
    • Introducing health sciences in elementary school helps students build a foundational understanding of health and learning in preparation for middle school. 
    • Students are introduced to a variety of health sciences-related career fields.

    How are Health Sciences Academy classes offered?

    • Health sciences classes are offered to each grade level as a specials class. 
    • Students also experience health science lessons and activities through grade-level class integration and school-wide experiences.

    How teachers make Health Sciences Academy relevant to students

    • Students explore health sciences through hands-on labs and project-based learning. 
    • Students learn about their bodies and how they can make choices that positively impact learning and wellness. 
    • Students participate in health sciences-related field trips and engage with guest speakers from the healthcare industry. 
    • Students participate in medical and educational experiences to explore and further their understanding. 

    How will students benefit from Health Sciences Academy?

    • Students explore how the brain and body work together and the importance of making healthy choices. 
    • Hands-on exploration helps students learn about a wide variety of health sciences-related fields and careers. 
    • Students have access to school-based instruction combined with healthcare industry exposure. 
    • Introduction to leadership and personal development training needed to succeed in future courses, including teamwork, problem-solving and communications.