• The Antioch Elementary Dual Language Immersion Advisory Council was created in 2018. The purpose of this council is to create a sense of community and to provide an opportunity for dialogue to improve the Antioch Dual Language Program.

    Council Members

    Parent Representatives

    Kindergarten - Stephanie Fox (stephaniemfox11@gmail.com)

    Kindergarten - Kimberly Crooks (kimberlycrooks@hotmail.com)

    First Grade - Melissa LaBue ( Melissa.LaBue@gmail.com)

    Second Grade - Jessica Byer ( jmbeyer4929@gmail.com)

    Third Grade - Danielle Clarke ( danielle.clarke@yahoo.com)

    Fourth Grade - Patricia Kuba ( patriciavdc@yahoo.com)

    Fifth Grade - Nikki Sacks ( nikkisacks@gmail.com)


    Staff Representatives

    Karina Zapata - First Grade Virtual

    Sophie Minieri - Kindergarten

    Laura Gutierrez - First Grade

    Linda Gomez - First Grade

    Eliana Guzman - Second Grade

    Erika Benavides - Third Grade

    Jocelyne Arocha - Fourth Grade

    Jairo Puerto - Fifth Grade

    Sherri Barber - Instructional Support Specialist

    Constance Kelly - Assistant Principal

    Tom Childers - Principal