• The Antioch Elementary Virtual Academy Council has been created to connect and engage virtual students and their families. 

    Virtual Academy Council Representatives

    Parent Representatives

    Kindergarten Parent Rep. -  Ramya Malisetty (Ramyamalisetty@gmail.com

    First Grade Parent Rep. - Asia Richardson (asialrichardson4@gmail.com

    Second Grade Parent Rep. - Christina Pooler (cpooler7@gmail.com

    Third Grade Parent Rep. - Sarah Morrison (sarah.h.morrison@gmail.com

    Fourth Grade Parent Rep. - Reggie Gimlin (gimlinr@gmail.com

    Fifth Grade Parent Rep. - April Garcia (rescueapril@gmail.com

    Staff Representatives

    Kindergarten Teacher - Sarah Wilson

    First Grade Teacher - Chris Cruse

    Second Grade Teacher - Nick Hayden

    Third Grade Teacher - Charlotte Faller

    Third Grade Teacher - Janet Jonas

    Fourth Grade Teacher - Laura Leo

    Four/Five Combination Teacher - Jenn Witt

    Fifth Grade Teacher - Casey Griffin

    Instructional Support Specialist - Sherri Barber

    Assistant Principal - Constance Kelly

    Principal - Tom Childers