Dual Language Immersion at Wingate Elementary

  • The Dual Language Immersion program at Wingate Elementary began in the 2019-2020 school year. Each year, a new cohort of students enter kindergarten and advance up with their DLI peers to the next grade.

    What is immersion education model at Wingate Elementary?

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    What does immersion look like in Kindergarten?

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    What do parents say?

    English-speaking parent:

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    Spanish-speaking parent:

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     Why would an Enlish learner enroll in Dual Language Immresion education? 

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    How can I support my child in immersion if I don't speak the language? 

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    Dual Language Immersion in Union County Public Schools:

    1. To learn more about dual language immersion education in Union County Public Schools, you can click here or you can type http://bit.ly/UCPSDLI in your browser. 
    2. Dual Language Immersion Education is currently offered at 20 schools in Union County Public Schools. Click here to see which other schools offer Mandarin or Spanish immersion. 
    3. Union County Public Schools partners with Participate Learning in hiring and training teachers and in curriculum development and assessment. 

    Useful Links for Parents:

    1. DLI Frequently Asked Questions for Parents (English pp 1 - 5; Spanish pp 6 - 8). 
    2. Why learn Spanish?
    3. The Bilingual Brain - English
    4. The Bilingual Brain - Spanish
    5. 8 Ways to Support Your Child in Language Immersion - English
    6. 8 Ways to Support Your Child in Language Immersion - Spanish








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    How to help 1 Spanish

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