• Kindergarten

    1 Pencil Box

    12 Black, Red, Green or Blue Dry Erase Markers (No Yellow, Orange or Pink)

    4 Cow Notebooks (Not Spiral Notebooks)

    2 Packs of Crayons

    3  1” Binders-Plain with no Pictures

    4 Glue Sticks

    1 Yellow Folder

    1 Blue Folder

    Wish List

    Gallon Ziplock Bags

    Box of Tissue


    First Grade

    4 Spiral Notebooks (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)

        DLI students will need 2 Red and 2 Purple

    2 Composition Notebooks (Black and White Only)

    2 Boxes Crayons  (16 Count)

    4-6 Glue Sticks

    2 Packs 4 Black or Blue Dry Erase EXPO Markers

    6 Pocket Folders With Prongs  (Red, Blue,          Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange) DLI students will need 2 Red, 2 Purple

    2 Pack Wooden Pencils

    2 Zipper Pencil Pouch  (No Pencil Boxes)

    2 Travel Toothbrush Holders

    1 Pair Child Scissors

    Wish List

    1 Boxes Kleenex

    Ziplock Bags (Any Size)

    Command Hooks (Any Size)


    Second Grade

    1 Three-Inch, Three Ring Binder

    1 Pencil Pouch with Holes to go in Binder

    6 Pocket Folders Without Prongs  (Purple, red, yellow, green, orange and blue)

    2 Pack of #2 Wooden Pencils

    1 Pack of Pink Block Erasers

    1 Box of Colored Pencils

    5 Cow Composition Notebooks

    1 Pair Scissors

    1 Pack of 8 Count Markers


    Third Grade

    4 Folders-Plastic With Prongs (Solid Colors-Green, Red, Purple and Blue)

    4 Packs of Pencils

    2 COW (Composition) Notebooks

    1 Pack Dry Erase Markers

    2 Packs Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Paper

    1 Zippered Pencil Pouch  (No Boxes)

    1 Box Crayons  (24 Count)

    1 Pack of Glue Sticks

    1 Box of Pencil Cap Erasers

    1 Pair of Scissors


    Fourth Grade

    1 2” Zip Up Fabric Binder

    1 Cow Notebook

    1 Set of Notebook Dividers

    2 Plastic Prong Folders

    1 Pencil Pouch (Fabric with holes to attach in binder)


    1 Pack Black Expo Markers

    Wish List

    Scissors, Glue Sticks, Highlighters, Crayons/Colored Pencils, Ruler 



    Fifth Grade

    4 COW (Composition Wide Ruled Notebooks)

    4  Glue Sticks

    3 Prong Folders (Paper or Plastic)

    Lead Pencils

    4 Spiral Notebooks (70 Page Wide Ruled)


    1 Highlighter

    Pencil Pouch

    1 Pair Student Scissors

    1 Pack Black Expo Markers