Student Parking

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    Parking Pass Sales Information:

    a button that reads 'Register Now' with a 'Powered by FamilyID' stamp on the bottom of it

    • Click on the "Register Now" button above. 
    • In order to successfully apply for and be approved for a parking pass, students must meet the following criteria:
      • Hold a valid driver's license
      • Have a registered vehicle
      • Provide proof of insurance
      • Have no fees owed to the school
      • Register only during their allotted time frame (See dates for each grade level above!) - Any registration completed before your allotted start dates will be deleted and you will have to reapply when your grade level dates open.
    • Students must complete the application on FamilyID, meet all requirements, and pay the $50 parking fee on the Online School Payments System before any application will be approved. **Seniors that scored 19 or higher on the ACT for the 2023 school year will receive an email from Mrs. Starnes regarding the free parking pass information that was shared with them**


    New for the 2023-2024 School Year:

    • In the application process, students will choose which lot they want to park in (Main Lot, Cafeteria Lot, Media Lot, Stadium Lot, or Tennis Lot).
    • Administration will assign each student a specific NUMBERED parking spot in their selected lot. Students will park in only their numbered spot at all times. The student's parking tag number will match their associated parking spot number.
    • SENIORS ONLY: You will have the opportunity to personalize your own parking spot. Seniors who choose to park in the MAIN LOT can complete the PAINT YOUR PARKING SPOT form linked below (open as of July 23) to paint their parking spot. Any Senior that chooses the Main Lot and elects to personalize their parking spot will have first choice of which spot they want to park in. See Information below:
      • You must have already completed an application for a parking pass through Family ID. Your license, registration, and proof of insurance should have been loaded there. 
      • You must have selected a parking spot in the MAIN LOT in order to be eligible to paint your spot.
      • Cost is $50 (in addition to fee for parking pass) You must submit payment at Click on Piedmont High School and then select "2023-2024 Senior Painting Fee for Parking Spot"
      • The completed form with an uploaded picture/drawing/image of your intended painting design must be completed no later than August 7, to be approved by administration.
      • Approved students will be allowed to paint between August 14-18. You will check in with Mrs. Starnes to select your numbered spot that you will paint.
      • Students must provide their own painting supplies. You will not be allowed to paint over the lines or numbers on your parking spot.

    paint your spot

    If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Starnes at or 704-296-3170 x 1508