Final Exams

  • UCPS has made the decision to allow all teacher-made exams to be taken from a virtual setting.  Below you will find information on both EOC and CTE State assessments; as well as teacher-made exams.  All students taking an End-Of-Course Exam or a CTE State Exam will be expected to attend school face-to-face on their assigned day.  Students need to report to school with their laptops and chargers.  Please contact your teacher directly if you are not sure if your class is an EOC or CTE state assessment.  EOC and CTE State Exams are required tests and will count as 25% of your student’s final grade. 

    Exam Schedule for EOC and CTE State Assessments

    • Monday, January 10th - 1st block EOC/CTE State Exams only, no other students on campus
    • Tuesday, January 11th - 2nd block EOC/CTE State Exams only, no other students on campus
    • Wednesday, January 12th -3rd block EOC/CTE State Exams only, no other students on campus
    • Thursday, January 13th - 4th block EOC/CTE State Exams only, no other students on campus
    • Friday, January 14th - Make-up Exams; by appointment only

    Teacher Made Exams

    All teacher-made exams will be given virtually.  All teacher Canvas page will have a “Final Exam” button to link students to their exam.  Teachers will activate their exam links on Monday, January 10th at 8:30 am.  Once you begin the exam, you will have a two-hour window to complete the test.  All teacher-made exams will close at 3:00 pm on Friday, January 14th.  Please allow yourself plenty of time to complete the test.  Teachers have communicated, and will continue to communicate with students, regarding whether or not they are exempt from their exam based on grades and attendance. If you have questions regarding whether or not you should login to take a teacher’s final exam, please contact your teacher directly.  Students who experience technical issues with Canvas or their final exam should contact their respective teacher.

    Exam Exemptions

    At this time, teachers have communicated with students on their exam exemption eligibility.  If you have a question if your student is eligible for exam exemptions, please contact your student’s teacher.

    Students in Quarantine or Excluded

    We recognize there has been an increase in positive Covid-19 cases.  Students that have a positive test result and students that are identified as a close-contact will not be allowed to campus.  Our School Nurse, Lisa Young, will give students a return-to-school date.  School personnel will contact those identified students to discuss scheduling make-up exams.  Students that are identified as a close-contact with no symptoms are expected to complete their teacher-made exams during the open testing window.  Students with a positive test result, and experiencing Covid-19 symptoms that are unable to test will need to communicate with their individual teachers.   If you have questions or concerns regarding testing, please contact Piedmont High at 704-296-3170.

    Laptops and Chargers

    Students are expected to bring their laptops and laptop charger during their face-to-face testing sessions.  For students currently experiencing computer issues prior to January 10, please bring your laptop to the Media Center from 12:30-3:00. Students who experience computer issues during the week of testing while at home should call the school at 704-296-3170 between 8:00 am - 3:30 pm and ask for Mr. Trace McDonald or Mrs. Donna Helms in the Media Center.  

    Bus Transportation During Exam Week

    All buses will run each morning as scheduled.  Only students that are taking EOC and CTE State test will need to come to school.  All students taking EOC and CTE state tests will have bus transportation at the conclusion of our normal testing session.  We anticipate our buses leaving at approximately 1:00.  Students will also have the opportunity to be picked up in the car rider line.  Student will NOT need a dismissal or sign-out note on exam days.  We will dismiss all students at the completion of all tests.  **NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE CAMPUS UNTIL ALL TESTS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED**


    Students will have the opportunity each day to go through the cafeteria for a grab-and-go lunch at dismissal.  Currently, all students are eligible for a free traditional lunch each day.

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