• Sustainable Energy Academy at Waxhaw Elementary

    Union County Public Schools offers students an opportunity to explore and engage in a fast-growing industry in our state, region and nation. Sustainable energy is all about using energy sources that will not run out or harm the environment. It comes from resources that naturally renew themselves, like the power of the sun, wind and water.

    The Sustainable Energy Academy will teach students about energy efficiency, sustainable resources for energy and food production and new energy technologies.

    Why sustainable energy?

    • The Energy Efficiency sector employed 2,164,914 people in the design, installation, and manufacturing of energy efficiency products and services in 2021.
    • Companies connected with energy efficiency operations anticipate a 10 percent job increase.
    • North Carolina leads nationally in installing and generating solar power.
    • Biofuel jobs have increased by 6.7 percent.
    • North Carolina ranks among the top 10 states with the highest electricity consumption, which stresses the importance of finding sustainable energy solutions to meet our energy needs while minimizing the impact on the environment.

    How will sustainable energy classes be offered?

    • The academy aims to enhance awareness about sustainable resources and energy efficiency among students from K-12. This will be achieved through a curriculum that emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), as well as providing student leadership opportunities and incorporating outdoor classrooms at the elementary level.

    How will teachers make sustainable energy relevant to students?

    • The Sustainable Energy Academy will offer a range of programs and initiatives that can lead to improved academic achievement and post-secondary career opportunities.
    • The lessons will range from marketing and business leadership to construction and carpentry to sustainable agriculture.

    How will students benefit from the Sustainable Energy Academy?

    • Students will have an opportunity to explore career options available in related fields and it will assist them in planning for a future career.
    • Students will also have credential/certification opportunities, internship experiences and pre-apprenticeship programs available to them.
    • Students will have a competitive advantage in the local and global economy.
    • Real world connections and hands-on experiences will help students get a deeper understanding of sustainable energy.

    Key Partners

    Union County Public Schools is thankful for the support of partnerships with Crossroads FordUnion Power CooperativeSouth Piedmont Community CollegeCity of Monroe and Duke Energy