Battle of the Books
  • Kensington is proud to be participating in the North Carolina Elementary Battle of the Books (eBOB) program!

    Lead by Mary Ketner, our Media Coordinator, and Sally Gemignani, our Reading AIG Teacher

    Students will read 15 top books from the 2023-2024 eBOB Book List and answer quiz-bowl style questions at weekly meetings.  A competition team of 12 students will be selected by February to compete in the UCPS Battle of the Books competition.

    Ready to get started?  Head to your library to check out the assigned eBOB Book List books and start reading today!

    The application link will open soon and can be found in the informational slide show linked below:

    Learn More About the Kensington Battle of the Books Club

    Please email with any questions about this club at Kensington Elementary School.