PWHS Portrait of a Graduate

  • The UCPS Portrait of a Graduate is a roadmap for students. It highlights five essential skills they will need in school and life. The focus areas are innovative leader, resilient problem-solver, key contributor, effective communicator and skilled collaborator. Parkwood High School has identified a sixth focus area: lifelong learner. These focus areas prepare students for their next steps, whether it’s college, military service or employment. 

    Leader: Works to connect with others through creativity, integrity, and determination. 

    Contributor: Actively participates in the community and is civic-minded, independent, and financially literate. 

    Problem-Solver: Thinks critically and utilizes resilience to solve relevant and meaningful problems. 

    Communicator: Confident in the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking and the use of technology. 

    Collaborator: Works respectfully as a productive member of a team. Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability for success. 

    Lifelong Learner: Strives to grow continuously by connecting past and present learning with future opportunities. 

UCPS Portrait of a Graduate
PWHS Portrait of a Graduate