Fast Facts

  • And so we began...

    In the beginning, South Providence School started with a small Alternative High School program in the spring of 1994, A.C.E. Alternative Center for Education.  The following school year, the Alternative Middle School program began. In December of 1996, the Day Treatment Program moved to the alternative school. In 1997, we changed the name of our alternative school to reflect a place in which students come to succeed in an alternative environment; South Providence School, one in which they could be proud. In August of 2006, we expanded the Middle School program by 24 students and added an Interim Alternative Education Setting program for identified Exceptional Children and a Structured Day program for students at-risk of long-term suspension.

    School Information

    What kind of school is South Providence School?

    South Providence School is an alternative school for students who have difficulty in the traditional school environment. We serve students in grades 6 through 12 who need a more individualized educational setting and a smaller school environment. SPS utilizes PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) to reinforce positive behavior and instill expectations of Responsibility, Respect, Kindness and Safety for all students. Click here for more information on PBIS.

    How does my child get referred to South Providence School?

    Students are referred to South Providence School through their home school.  The home school principal along with the counselors, parents and teachers consider South Providence School when a student is having difficulty managing academics and behavior in their home school.

    What happens next?

    After having a parent conference and informing parents of the options available, the home school staff completes an application for enrollment in South Providence School. This application is presented to a central screening committee for review and consideration of appropriate educational placement. Parents are able to attend this meeting if they so request. If the central committee feels the student will benefit from the structure of South Providence School then the application is accepted and the parents are notified. At this time, the parent(s) and/or school counselor, contact South Providence School to schedule an intake meeting. The student is to remain enrolled in their home school until the intake meeting is held and the transfer is made. Students are not to be denied their education while waiting for intake and placement.

    How long is the program at South Providence School?

    Students are enrolled for a minimum of 90 school days.  The length of stay depends on the ability of the student to learn new behaviors and improve their academics. Our students work on a 4 step Level System which they must successfully complete in order to be eligible for return to their home school.

    Is there transportation from my child's home school?

    Yes, students ride the regular school bus from the student's home to South Providence and back. Special Exceptional Children's transportation services are offered on an individual and as-needed basis as set forth in the student's IEP.

    What are the academics like at South Providence School?

    The academic program at South Providence is comparable to any traditional middle school or high school in Union County.  The curriculum provided is the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.  Modifications are made based on the need of the students but the goals and standards to reach are the same goals as standards as any other school in North Carolina.

    Is there a dress code at SPS?

    Yes, all students enrolled at SPS are expected to abide by the Uniform Dress Code. This means that our students will attend school each day wearing khaki pants, skirts, long shorts or capri's with a white or black polo or button-down collared shirt. Please see the dress code information found on this website.

    What kind of activities are offered at SPS?

    Unfortunately, due to the large geographic region that this school serves and the transportation needs of the students of South Providence, there is limited opportunity for extracurricular activities.  Therefore, we attempt to meet the physical, mental, and artistic needs of the students through various club activities throughout the school day.

    What happens when my child is able to exit South Providence School?

    Students are evaluated on an ongoing basis for performance in all areas of academics and behavior.  Teachers will recommend a student for return based on overall academic performance, ability to follow rules, ability to get along with others and level of maturity.  Return to home school is determined by the student's ability to cooperate and meet the requirements of the SPS system level.  No student will return unless they fulfill this obligation.  The level system is designed to provide daily feedback on behavior, attendance, and academic standing. If the student meets the expectation of Level 4 performance, they have proven their desire to work hard, attend school, be respectful, and get along with others.  Consequently, they deserve to return to their home school.

    Are the teachers certified?

    Yes, all teachers are certified by the state of North Carolina and meet the standards set to be highly qualified.

    How is the school day run?

    Our school day runs as any other.  We begin classes as soon as all students arrive.  Our middle school program is organized to ensure maximum instructional time in core content areas and our high school program is on a regular block schedule.  

    What schools are represented at SPS?

    Each middle and high school in Union County is represented at South Providence School.

    What if I don't live within the Union County Public Schools boundary and my district doesn't have a program like SPS?

    Unfortunately, you must live within the boundaries of Union County, North Carolina to be eligible to attend South Providence.

    Will my child graduate with a regular high school diploma?

    Students graduating from South Providence will receive a traditional high school diploma based on one of the standard diploma tracks established by the state of North Carolina.

    How safe is South Providence School?  What safety measures are in place for my child?

    In some ways, South Providence is probably safer than most schools in Union County because we have small numbers of students and limited building space.  We are able to get to know each child which allows us to build relationships and be involved in their school life.  Safety measures include surveillance cameras, limited searches, School Resource Officer and behavior plans that have students escorted when traveling the campus.  

    What kind of community involvement is associated with SPS?

    Our community is getting more and more involved in the success of our program.  We are fortunate to have several groups involved in fundraising, supply raising and teacher support.  We are beginning service-learning projects and hope to expand these opportunities for our students within the Waxhaw community.

    How is SPS treated by UCPS?

    The central administration, high schools and middle schools have an excellent and supportive working relationship with South Providence.  Together, we believe in giving students all opportunities available to further their education and become successful members of our community.

    What are my responsibilities as a parent of a South Providence student?

    Be involved, support your student, get to know the school, work together with the faculty, staff and student to make this a positive learning experience.  Each child had the potential to be successful and it takes the parents and the school together to help them find their true potential.  We need your help!

    What can I expect from the faculty as a parent of an SPS student?

    Honesty, integrity, hard work, support, and understanding.  The faculty and staff of South Providence we must work together respectfully as a team to help each child reach their goals.  We don't think we have all the answers, but we do believe we have what it takes to meet the needs of your child.