Fast Facts

  • School Hours

    Wesley Chapel operates from 7:30 AM until 2:00 PM.  Students may be dropped off no earlier than 7:00 AM.  The Tardy Policy is provided below.

    School Colors and Mascot

    School colors are blue and white, and our mascot is the Eagle.  The Wesley Chapel Mascot's name is Excel the Eagle.  He can be seen periodically roaming the school encouraging students to strive for Excellence...and Beyond


    Payment to Wesley Chapel Elementary

    • Use your best judgement in sending cash payments to school with your child. If you do send cash, please send the exact amount due. Neither the teachers nor the school office staff are authorized to make change.
    • Payments by check are welcome and should be written to Wesley Chapel Elementary School or WCES. On the memo line of the check note the reason for they payment (ie: field trip, lunch money, etc.).
    • To be accepted, your check should include your name, current address and current phone number.
    • NSF checks are processed by a private company, Payliance., who will notify you of repayment procedures and NSF charges. Do not repay the school for an NSF check.
    • Take note of the deadline for payments and the collection period for field trips. Make payments promptly.
    • Payments to the school, i.e. field trips, yearbooks, lost library books, should not be combined with payments to the Cafeteria or After School Program as they have their own bookkeeping procedures and accounts.

    Car Rider Information

    Car riders will be picked up in front of the school where you see the covered walkway. Our teacher assistants will direct you in the waiting traffic. We will assist the students in getting in their cars. Please stay in your car and remain in the line of cars. Be patient and move with the flow of traffic. As you approach the sidewalk you will find your child being directed to one of the designated cones labeled with letters (A,B,C, D, E, or F) on the sidewalk. Do not get out of your car & walk up to  get your child. If you must come in the building, please make certain you are out of the flow of traffic. You will receive a hang tag for your mirror with an assigned number. printed on the tag. Please make sure have your hang tag visible in the car rider line, hanging from the mirror of your car. 

    Remember, cars are prohibited from entering the bus parking lot. Please do not drop your child off or pick them up in the bus parking lot. We cannot be responsible for students who are not in designated areas.

    Transportation Changes

    • All changes from the normal method for afternoon transportation must be in writing to the School Office. Directions and the Transportation Change Form can be found by clicking the links below. Forms may also be picked up in the school office or requested through your child's teacher.
    • Please fill the form out completely including the bus number or specific after school location.
    • If you cannot print the form, a handwritten, signed note will be accepted and should include the same information listed on the form.
    • Changes in transportation must be received in writing in the school office by 1:45 PM.

    Wesley Chapel PTO

    We are very fortunate to have a very active Parent Teacher Organization that supports our instructional program. The parents support the school through volunteering, raising money, and sponsoring a variety of programs that enhance the total school program. Please join the PTO and volunteer your time and talents to our school.   

    PTO School Store

    The PTO operates a school store at Wesley Chapel.  Wesley Chapel's school store is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:10-7:30. Students can purchase a variety of school supplies as well as school spirit items.  If your child brings in more than five dollars to spend at the school store, please send in a note granting them permission to do so.  The same should be said for silver dollars, two dollar bills, and Sacagawea coins.

    History of Wesley Chapel School

    According to some of the histories of Wesley Chapel, the school was founded in 1832 as a part of the Wesley Chapel Methodist Church, located adjacent to the school. In 1901, J.N. Price, a Union County native and member of the General Assembly, introduced a bill establishing a rural graded high school at Wesley Chapel--one of the first in the state. A marker has been placed on campus to denote this status. Fire destroyed the main two-story building in 1951, but it was rebuilt in 1952. A $2.9 million dollar renovation and addition was completed in 1989.

    Rapid population growth in Union County, coupled with the opening of several new elementary schools, has caused enrollment numbers at WCES to fluctuate between 400 and 1150 during the past 25 years. As of 2021, our enrollment hovers right around 600.

    Wesley Chapel Tardy Policy 

    Any time that a student arrives late (unable to be in their classroom by 7:30) a parent must accompany the late student to the office to sign them in. Students will not be allowed to enter the classroom without being signed in by a parent in the office. 

    If tardy students are dropped off without an accompanying parent, they will remain in the office until a parent returns to sign them in.  It is unsafe for a parent to drop a child off in the car rider line without accompanying them inside.  Additionally, children arriving late and leaving early are missing valuable instruction.  Finally, it is very disruptive to the classroom environment when a student arrives late or is called out of class early. The safety of your child and effective instruction are our main concerns, the staff at Wesley Chapel thanks you for your support of this policy.