Hemby Bridge Elementary School NC Report Card

  • Dear Families:

    We provide regular updates to you about your student’s academic progress by sending home a Student Report Card. Once a year we provide you with updates on our school’s achievements through the North Carolina School Report Card.

    This Report Card includes important information about school and student performance, class sizes, attendance, school safety, instructional resources, and teacher quality. There is information about how our school measured against federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) targets and the number of suspensions and expulsions in our school. Report data is available for our school district and for the state’s education system as a whole.

    We are proud of the dedication of our staff and the hard work of the children that we serve. During the 2018-2019 school year, we met our expected growth in all areas.  We increased by one letter grade to a B with an overall increase of 10 points on our letter grade.

    The numbers tell only part of the story. At Hemby Bridge, we strive to create a caring atmosphere where students are challenged and prepared to become real-world thinkers, global citizens, and problem solvers. We will continue to focus on quality instruction in all subject areas. Our focus and professional development for staff is based on the UCPS EmpowerED Framework which focuses on connecting with students and helping them collaborate and create around their learning.  The staff at Hemby Bridge work to identify students’ individual strengths and areas of weakness to then target these areas through differentiated classroom instruction in order for each child to grow.  You will see evidence of this differentiated learning through STEAM related activities, problem based learning and project based learning.  

    Hemby Bridge has also adopted a music focus.  Students participate in music classes that focus on curriculum standards in addition to having an instrumental focus.  We are also incorporating the use of music into the classroom to enhance students' academic skills.

    We are a school that embraces technology. All classes are equipped with Interactive Projectors or Boards, Chromebooks for each 3rd-5th grade student and a combination of iPads and Chromebooks in our K-2 classrooms. Our teachers implement lesson plans that incorporate the use of technology to move children to become producers with technology through their years in elementary school. 

    State and local education leaders are committed to providing families with more information about schools. Well-informed families who participate in their children’s education and school enhance the learning environment for students and educators alike. In addition, the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires schools to issue Report Cards.

    At Hemby Bridge Elementary, your involvement is very important to the success of our school! I encourage you to review our Report Card carefully, then feel free to contact me to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding the Report Card. I also welcome your feedback regarding other interests you have in our school.

    Thank you for allowing me to share this Report Card with you and for supporting our efforts to provide your child with a high-quality education.

    Stephanie Burris, Principal

    Hemby Bridge Elementary

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