Indian Trail Elementary School NC Report Card

  • Dear Indian Trail Elementary Community,

    On September 1, 2022, the North Carolina Department of Instruction released statewide accountability results and each school in the state received a new School Performance Grade. An elementary School Performance Grade is a letter grade calculated based on a school’s: 1) achievement score (weighted at 80%); and 2) student academic growth over one year in reading and math in grades 3-5 and in science for grade 5 (weighted at 20%).


    I am pleased to announce that for the 2021-2022 school year, Indian Trail Elementary School received a School Performance Grade of a B and, overall, exceeded growth in reading and math. Indian Trail Elementary ranked 1st in the district for math growth and 6th in the district for reading growth. In addition, UCPS ranked #1 among the state's 12-largest districts in overall proficiency on state assessments. This is a huge cause for celebration for our community and is a testament to the hard work of our teachers, staff, students and parents.


    After analyzing the data more closely, we see that 62% of our students are proficient in reading grades 3-5, 78% are proficient in math grades 3-5, and 84% are proficient in science grade 5. Based on these results, we have a plan to continue making strides to develop and refine our math skills, as well as to strategically address reading gaps. At Indian Trail Elementary, our plan will focus on three key areas: academics, culture, and safety. Each of these areas contributes to the development of the whole child and impacts overall academic performance.

    • In academics, we are targeting literacy and will support our teachers with best instructional practices, utilizing a Literacy Support Specialist to work with specific groups of students. Among other strategies, we will apply Science of Reading practices to focus on foundational reading skills.

    • Regarding culture, we are emphasizing the importance of in-school attendance. Missing school means missing important instruction from our wonderful teachers.

    • In the area of safety, we are providing support and measures to enhance physical security and mental health. We are also equipping students with strategies to make good choices, encouraging them to be role models for themselves and others.


    We are asking all of our families to partner with Indian Trail Elementary School by: ensuring students arrive to school on-time every day, demonstrating a positive view of education at home, encouraging reading, and maintaining consistent communication with your child’s teacher on current performance and areas of improvement.


    At Indian Trail Elementary, we are dedicated to providing your children with the highest quality education and are looking forward to continuing to work together to make this another successful year at The Trail. Thank you for your support!



    Katelyn Lustig


NC School Report Cards

  • North Carolina’s school report cards are an important resource for parents, educators, state leaders, researchers, and others, providing information about school- and district-level data in a number of areas. These include student performance and academic growth, school and student characteristics, and many other details.