• Dear Rock Rest Parents and Friends:

    Rock Rest Elementary School is a great school.  It is a school that teaches children a “growth mindset,” that encourages collaboration, and that celebrates students’ progress.

    We are working with our children to understand that “work and effort” are the keys to success.  By working hard every day children can become better readers, writers, problem-solvers and citizens.  By pushing through our struggles and challenges, we can become the thinkers, workers, and community that we want to be now and in the future.

    Once a year, the state provides families with updates on each school’s achievements through the North Carolina School Report Card. This Report Card includes information about school and student performance, class sizes, attendance, school safety, instructional resources, and teacher quality. There is also information about how our school measured according to the Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) targets and the number of suspensions and expulsions in our school. Report card data is available for our school district and for the state’s education system as a whole.

    Rock Rest is one of the best schools in the state and that is evident by the growth of our children, by the strength of our staff, by the joy in our building, and by the uniqueness of our families.  Our results are amazing and that occurs because we work together to help each child.  Our staff works to incorporate a “culture of excellence” and in that we are striving to help every child recognize the excellence that is in them and the potential that is possible if they work hard each day to be the best citizen possible.  Additionally, we are working to grow grateful children who treat each other with kindness and respect.  This “culture of excellence” teach children that they are capable of amazing results and that we believe in them as students and as citizens.

    We are proud to be a public school that serves a wonderful community of learners.  We celebrate our children and their work every day.  Our children meet their learning targets and those targets reflect high academic standards.  Our children know their targets and they celebrate with their peers, with their teachers, and with our staff.  We are proud to be a public school that serves a diverse group of learners and we are glad that we work with a public that takes learning seriously.

    I encourage you to review our Report Card carefully; then, feel free to call the school with any questions or concerns you may have. I also welcome your feedback on any other areas of interest you may have in our school.

    Thank you for supporting our efforts to provide your child with a high-quality education.


    Kristy L. Thomas

     NC Report Card